My dream shatteredHate

August 19, 2011 08:40
My dream shattered

It was an arranged married after my mom's death in 2004, while i was during my PhD at iit madras. I, my wife and my handicapped sister moved to iit campus after my marriage, life become hell within 3 months, as my wife started suspecting my everyone with no proof. Started a big quarrel and sent my sister out of the house and later started torturing me for child. I met with an accident, have to undergo spine surgery at apollo hospital and my bad luck we ended up in having a child later who was born handicapped with hypotonia ( cerebral palsy) due to medical negligency at my wife's place doctor, all this happened in a span of just one year. My inlaws just sent my wife with me to chennai with no care.

I put my soul and heart to look after my child, i almost stopped working on my PhD work but still staying in iit campus. When the medical bill was beyond my reach, i joined GE, bangalore in Nov, 2007. But, lost my child within two months later. Worked hard, cleared all my medical due debt, my wife again started tricks, she complained to police that i am not cooperating in her having one more child and my sister is behind it encouraging me to divorce her. It was hell in 2008. I faced it boldly, later it was polycystic ovaries problem, will cool mind i convinced her to take treatment and she conceived, during pregnancy she was declared diabetic, for which she took insulin, now we have a girl child of 11/2 years.

My wife has joined for work in OFSS. As she is earning now, everyday it is hell linking me many woman. Few months i quit GE and joined as faculty in an engineering college. I don't know what the hell is going in my life, wife has become a hell for me. Neither she listen to me nor capable of taking decisions. She wants an house in indiranagar very soon and one more child. But i tell her, let us sort out the differences, then we can think of it two years from now....hell

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