Easy tips for Healthy Snacks at HomeDoctor's Advise

March 15, 2012 16:23
Easy tips for Healthy Snacks at Home

When you’re at home and need a snack, what do you typically grab from the kitchen? If the answer is chips or candy or last night’s leftovers, you may want to rethink those choices. If you struggle to control your weight they may be part of that struggle, and they offer you nothing by way of nutrition. The next time you’re at the supermarket, consider loading up your shopping basket on any of these healthy snack alternatives.

Microwave popcorn. Be sure to choose a low-fat or reduced calorie version, and not the types with lots of butter or sugary toppings. Note the calories counts on the packages.

Fruit of any variety. Apples, oranges and pears are perfect for a quick snack, and grapes are good for when you’re watching television since they need no more preparation than a quick rinse.

Low-fat cheese can give you the protein you need to feel full and to feed your muscles.

Vegetables with a low-fat salad dressing or bean dip can also fill you up and give you the nutrients
you need. You can also steam a few vegetables in the microwave very quickly, then add some flavor sprinkles.

Keep a supply of healthy, low-calorie soups on hand that you can microwave quickly for a hearty snack.

Low calorie lunchmeat such as turkey or shaved ham is also a good snack if you eat it plain; you can also find turkey-based lunchmeats of other varieties, such as turkey pastrami or turkey salami. A few ounces of these will fill you up.

Remember too that you can always make a small salad when you need a snack, or consider high-fiber bran muffins you make yourself. These ideas are healthier and often more filling than any other choice you may have at home.

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