Google Glass advances to medical worldDoctor's Advise

September 02, 2013 09:39
Google Glass advances to medical world

(Image source from: Google Glass advances to medical world)

Of late occurrence that Google Glass has been used to assist surgeons as well medical students at the Ohio State University at the same time known to be giving an experience to surgeons that they never realized in precedence of the stage.

According to ABC News, Christopher Kaeding, an orthopaedic surgeon at OSU, accepted the wearable computer for a standard surgical procedure, repairing a torn ACL. The report also brought into prominence that in this particular procedure, Glass's sole aim was to allow Kaeding to join a Google Hangout, Google's video conferencing service.

Nevertheless, an associate professor at John Hopkins Medical Institute explained that surgery had always been linked to technology on the contrary in several cases, having access to all of these things might not be helpful for the patient even in very small quantity. The report also brought the fact into prominence that the surgeons using the device during the operation as well kept an extra battery with them keeping in mind the duration of the procedure which is certainly not predictable.

Therefore, one must consider the prominent fact that Google Glass has been greatly beneficial for the medical world. That's how science get linked up with advanced medication.


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