We Can Do Better In RelationshipsStress

January 19, 2012 16:57
We Can Do Better In Relationships

Relationships were jacked up in 2011. The way in which man and woman relate in 2012 can only get better right? Right? Anyone with me? Can I get an AMEN? “5 Things That We Can Do Better In Relationships In 2012”:

Get Out of Your Bad Relationship  – If your relationship needs counseling and you are not married don’t get married to that person. We need to have higher standards for getting married and even greater standards on getting a divorce.

Forgive & Heal – After getting out of your bad relationship sit down somewhere. Don’t date for a while. Work on you. Your first item of business is to forgive the people related to all of your bad relationship experiences. You cannot carry anger, frustration, disappointment or resentment into your next relationship. If you cannot forgive, relationships are not for you because without forgiveness healing does not take place. Healing is the process of filling the holes in your heart. If your heart has holes in it, don’t nobody want dat raggedy heart.  In 2012 get your heart right before trying to offer it to some one else.

Date Smarter This Time – Initially dating is a process of elimination. Once you have eliminated the thugs and skrippers dating becomes a process of selection. Date on your level. 90% of women want to date the top 10% of men. The numbers don’t add up because the top 10% of men want to date the top 10% of women. Don’t expect anything that you can’t give. Opposites attract on Fantasy Island but in reality it is very difficult to compromise with a person that has a different belief system than you do. You know your flaws. Worry about those instead of theirs. Accept the fact that both nobody is perfect and that includes you. With the knowledge of your own imperfections, it should make it easier to accept the imperfections of someone else. In 2012 the key to relationships will be knowing what you can accept and live with and what you can’t.

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