Everything about morning sicknessWomen Health

March 17, 2016 14:51
Everything about morning sickness

The good news of your baby's arrival fills your heart with joy! But do not let your celebrations get dilute due to morning sickness and nausea. To deal with it effectively, you should know what is hapenning with your body and how to tackle it.

Reasons for Morning sickness
Morning sickness or nausea is very common in the early stage of pregnancy. It is mainly caused due to flooding of pregnancy harmones in your body. Nearly 80% pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting in the early weeks. Your body produces large amount of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone early in the pregnancy. The harmone ensures that all the requirements of your baby are met during these early weeks of pregnancy. HCG levels drop when placenta begins to nourish your baby. Then your nausea begins to dissapear gradualy.

Other harmones which cause morning sickness are stress harmones and even deficiency of nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6 and so on. Around 14 to 16 weeks, your morning sickness should subside. For few women it lasts little longer. Few may experience it all through the pregnancy.

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How to reduce sickness
It is a natural part of pregnancy, so you cannot prevent it totally. Put efforts to keep your stress levels low. Take plenty of rest and opt for relaxation therapies. Eat little, many times. Identify foods that are worsening your sickness. It is good to avoid spicy, fried or fatty foods. Try foods rich in Vitamin B6. Do not worry about having a well balanced diet if you are very sick. You can makeup with good food later during pregnnacy, when your sickness keeps turning down.

Most important thing to keep in mind is to be hydrated. Drink a lot and maintin healthy weight. Drink lemon juice, coconut water, barley water etc.. to maintain hydration levels. If you have severe sickness, consult your doctor immediately for assistance. Have a happy pregnancy journey!   


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