Riddick Movie Review

Riddick Movie Review

Riddick Movie Review
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    Oct, 17 2019


Riddick -review
  • Film : Riddick
  • Producer : Vin Diesel, Ted Field
  • Director : David Twohy
  • Star Cast : Vin Diesel,Jordi Mollà,Matt Nable,Katee Sackhoff..
  • Music Director : Graeme Revell
Rating: 1.5/5

Vin Diesel Riddick 2013 Movie Review and Rating

It's strictly for adults, no questions asked. Vin Deisel gets back to business with more violence, profanity and sexuality. After Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, fans were eager for the latest installment from the franchise. Too bad, the wait was in vain. This third output from the sci-fi saga is directed by David Twohy.

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Riddick, Vin Deisel, is lost on a lonely planet filled with nameless monsters. He has been cheated and left on a decrepit planet full of serpents and predatory canines. He wants to go back to Furya but, alas, he is not there. Multiplying his troubles is a Bounty hunter, intent to kill him. His survival is the be all and end all.

Analysis :


Bad, bad, bad. Even cult fans of Vin Deisel's science fiction would agree that they have been taken for a ride. Presentation of Riddick's adventures are nothing but a hammer on the head as he fights his way through many horrible creatures, out to get him. After a point, the violence gets draggy and annoying.

Performance :


Nothing to worry yourselves about. Only those who enjoy mindless, yucky gore can sit through this. With no screenplay and characterization, there are no performances, unless you count the very vicious killing of the aliens on their home turf.

Final Word:
Give it a miss.




Riddick Movie Review


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