FBI Warns Parents And Teens About Red Light ScamHot Buzz

August 12, 2017 11:27
FBI Warns Parents And Teens About Red Light Scam

FBI has warned parents with teen drivers, the scammers are now targeting and using scare tactics to extort money from teenagers.

Scammers are now calling teenagers, claims to be police, telling teens that they are caught breaking the law.

FBI special Agent Scott Augenbaum has said that, the caller may say something like, “The other day, your car went through a red light camera and we tried to contract you. And as a new driver you are going to jail or your license will be taken away unless you pay fine $250”.

Augenbaum has said that the red light scam is also similar to like the jury duty and IRS scams, but the only difference is that victims are little younger in this case.

“I had same incident happened to my niece who called me up hysterically crying”, the long time agent said.

He explained that teens make it easy for scammers because they tend to put a lot of information including their mobile number in social media. It’s not hard for scammer to call and scare them.

“For the young drivers, after having their parents yell at them so many times saying, if you go through another red light I will take your license away”, they are going to take their money they have earned all summer and try to pay the fine, without realizing it’s a scam” Augenbaum said.

These scammers usually tell the teens to go to a Walmart and buy a green dot card which is like a pre-paid visa card and can be used to quickly transfer money.

“And one it reaches the bad guys, it’s untraceable”, the FBI said.

Security experts say that the best thing is to sit with your teen and make sure they know that they know that police never call for a ticket. If they call its best to just hang up. A good way to prevent this sort of things is by not answering calls from any unknown numbers.

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