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November 16, 2015 10:56
Clear All Your Doubts About Diabetes, Myths And Facts},{Clear All Your Doubts About Diabetes, Myths And Facts

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Diabetes is commonly considered as silent killer, affecting more than 65 million Indians, as per the latest statistics. Myths around diabetes make the disease even more dreadful. Hence, it is essential to first know the facts related to Diabetes.

MYTH: A diabetic should not take in any type of sweetener.

FACT:  Omit direct sugar if you are diabetic. Sugar substitutes can be taken in like fructose sugar, which is predominantly available in fruits, and artificial sweeteners.

MYTH: Bitter tasting foods like neem and bitter gourd will lower blood sugar.

FACT:  Bitter tasting items will not lower blood sugar. Glucose is actually derived from carbohydrate rich food (even if they are not sweet).

MYTH: Diabetic people should not take in fruits

FACT: Diabetics should eat fruits as they are rich in fibre as well as fructose sugar. This fibre allows slow release of fructose into the blood enabling our body to use fructose without insulin. But, avoid fruit juices as they lack fibre. Also avoid fruits like chikoo, banana, mango, sugarcane, grapes and custard apple.

MYTH: Diabetics should lose weight fast.

FACT: Even though obesity and diabetes are two sides of the same coin, fast and sudden weight loss with the help of crash diets is never recommended.

MYTH: Artificial sweeteners are safe to consume.

FACT:  Here you have to know few things about artificial sweeteners to judge its use. Aspartame is a substance present in several artificial sweeteners. It is good one for cold beverages. But it loses its sweetness at high temperature. That means if you mix them in cup of hot tea or coffee, you need more of it. Usage of more aspartame may lead to abnormal functioning of the brain. So it is advisable to limit the use of artificial sweeteners.

MYTH: Diabetics should avoid eating rice.

FACT: Diabetics can eat rice. The only thing that should be taken care of is about the quantity and quality of rice based on the degree and nature of diabetes.

MYTH: Diabetics do not need bariatric surgery

FACT: Bariatric surgery is the one offered to people with excessive weight and also with diabetes, joint pains, high BP, infertility, irregular periods, breathing problems, etc. The procedure that is done through key hole (lap) route is effective in majority of patients. Moreover, the acceptance of Bariatric surgery is rapidly increasing in the society.


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