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October 11, 2013 18:25
Cuddle with love, live the fantasy},{Cuddle with love, live the fantasy

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Romance is a feeling that we crave constantly. All couples feel the pressure to reinvent the chemistry with a new, spicier approach. Alas, the time and attention required to come up with such a plan is too less in this too-tired-for-love generation. When in a relationship, cuddling is a sure shot way to shoot up the feel good hormones. How about doing that while watching a romantic movie?

Yes, allow the imaginative filmmakers create the world that eludes you. Certain well meaning scientists embarked on a journey to explain what we already know about the symptoms of love. Apparently, when your body feels cold, your mind needs warmth. Confused? Let us clear it for you.

As the cold season approaches, you feel physically cold. Feelings are love are accompanied by sweaty palms and racing heart, giving the impression of warmth. Now, if you watch a romantic movie cuddled up with your lovely partner, your mind is stimulated to feel the love. This leads to psychological warmth, besides giving you ideas for a fun time between the sheets.

The main point to consider is the psychological stimulation before the physical stimulation. At least that's what the scientists tried to say. If you're not in the mood for brainy food, forget everything they said and simply cuddle and share each others warmth. Isn't that one of the best ways to spend quality time together? To make it more memorable, catch a movie that sets the mood while in a love filled embrace. Ah bliss!

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