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  • dangerous places in india, Indian, places in india that are exceptionally good but dangerous to visit, Andaman

    Places in India That Are Exceptionally Good but Dangerous to Visit 2018-11-30 09:41:53

    You might be the one who traveled over every corner of India, from superlative beaches to sky-touching mountains, but then it is free from doubt that you will be left open-mouthed to know that there are a plenty of unexplored...

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    Sentinelese, John chau body, two other americans helped john chau to enter remote island police, Andaman

    Two Other Americans Helped John Chau to Enter Remote Island: Police 2018-12-03 05:22:19

    The American missionary John Cha killed by the Sentinelese tribe on a remote island was encouraged by two other Americans to go the outlawed isle, according to police. The police said they are currently investigating the role of two Americans, who had...

    Keywords: John chau body, Christianity, Americans, island

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    112 pan india number, rajnath launches erss, rajnath singh launched emergency response support system, Andaman

    Rajnath Singh Launched Emergency Response Support System 2019-02-19 08:46:41

    Home Minister Rajnath Singh today launched various initiatives for safety of women citizen safety in New Delhi. This includes the Emergency Response Support System, ERSS, for women's safety in 16 states and Union territories. The ERSS is a pan-India single...

    Keywords: home minister 112 erss, 112 pan india number, rajnath erss, erss 112 number

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    Indian home ministry, black lists of Indian origin people, home ministry done away with black lists of indian origin people who have taken asylum abroad officials, Andaman

    Home Ministry Done Away with ‘Black Lists’ of Indian Origin People Who Have Taken Asylum Abroad: Officials 2019-05-08 09:40:45

    The Home Ministry has done away with 'Black Lists' of Indian-origin people, mostly Sikhs, who have taken asylum abroad under the plea of alleged persecution in India, officials said Tuesday. The list is maintained by Indian missions.The officials said all...

    Keywords: asylum abroad, black lists, home ministry, Indian home ministry

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    John Chau, north sentinel island tribe pictures, police probe john chau s meet with 2 americans in andaman before his death, Andaman

    Police Probe John Chau’s Meet with 2 Americans in Andaman Before His Death 2019-03-13 08:40:58

    The death of American Christian missionary John Chau’s in Andaman earlier this year has led to untold speculations but now police are making an effort to determine what happened in his final days. The 26-year-old’s mission was to go to...

    Keywords: north sentinel island 2018, north sentinel island 2018, North Sentinel Island, north sentinel island 2018

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    lok sabha elections 2019 phases, lok sabha election 2019 date in maharashtra, lok sabha elections 2019 schedule phase wise details all that you need to know, Andaman

    Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Schedule, Phase-Wise Details, All That You Need to Know 2019-04-02 06:33:02

    The first phase of Lok Sabha elections in India will be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19. The seven phases will cover 543 constituencies. The result of the elections will be out on May 23. The...

    Keywords: lok sabha election 2014, lok sabha election date, lok sabha elections in India, lok sabha election 2019 schedule date

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