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  • Fetus Reacting To Smoke, Smoke Reaction On Fetus, another reason to drop smoking while pregnancy, Brain development

    Another reason to drop smoking while pregnancy 2015-03-26 12:01:53

    The warning ‘Smoking while pregnancy is dangerous’ has been talked since long, but a new study reveals how the unborn baby react differently of a smoking mother. A study published in Acta Paediatric showed that fetuses of smoking mother touch...

    Keywords: Smoke Reaction On Fetus, Unhealthy Smoke For Fetus Growth, Fetus Reacting To Smoke, Smoke Reaction On Fetus

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    Caffeine for premature babies, Caffeine for preemies, caffeine therapy can boost brain development in preemies study, Brain development

    Caffeine Therapy Can Boost Brain Development in Preemies: Study 2018-12-13 11:43:42

    A daily dose of caffeine therapy could help in boosting the development of brains of premature babies as well as lung functions and can be absolutely safe, according to researchers including one of Indian-origin. According to study, starting caffeine therapy to...

    Keywords: Caffeine Therapy for babies, lung, Caffeine, brain

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    smoking pregnancy, smoking children brain, smoking marijuana during pregnancy may harm baby s brain, Brain development

    Smoking Marijuana during pregnancy may harm baby's brain! 2016-06-22 07:00:03

    A recent study warned that, smoking cannabis during pregnancy may lead to abnormal brain structure in children. The study revealed that, children who were prenatally exposed to cannabis had a thicker prefrontal cortex in compare to unexposed children. It is...

    Keywords: smoking children brain, Smoking cannabis, pregnancy, Smoking cannabis

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    Breast Feeding and immunity levels, Breast Feeding rules, longer time of breast feeding makes the baby intelligent, Brain development

    Longer time of Breast Feeding makes the baby Intelligent 2015-03-18 11:02:55

    There are ample of benefits from the mother milk to the baby. The immunity power and mineral intake can be ensured with appropriate quantity of mother milk (breast feeding) at regular intervals. The recent report of a study gives additional...

    Keywords: Breast Feeding rules, Breast Feeding and children IQ, Breast Feeding helps in better health to children, Breast Feeding and immunity levels

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    Neurodegenerative diseases, formation of brain cells, indian led team s breakthrough brain development research, Brain development

    Indian-led team’s breakthrough brain development research 2015-12-28 07:50:20

    An Indian-origin scientist in Germany has led a team to discover a complex regulatory mechanism explaining the role of a core gene involved in the formation of brain cells. The research throws light on the development of the brain and...

    Keywords: Neurodegenerative diseases, brain development research, formation of brain cells, formation of brain cells

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