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  • South Indian Bridal Mackup, Mackup tips, bridal make up even it is not your marriage, Bridal dress

    Bridal make up, even it is not your marriage! 2012-04-21 12:00:57

    Bridal make up is not only for Brides but also for all those Young beautiful Women out there. After all a occasion of marriage is not only special for a bride but also for those beautiful Women, who have another...

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    latest bridal dress, period stain wedding dress, bride slammed for dressing in period stain wedding attire that looked like a stained tampon, Bridal dress

    Bride Slammed for Dressing in Period-Stain Wedding Attire That Looked like a Stained Tampon 2019-04-23 12:06:51

    Dip-dyed clothing in vogue and people usually opt for tees made with the dip-dyed process but an unnamed bride chose the dip-dye bridal dress for her nuptial which is quite a rare sight. The bridal opted for the white bridal...

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