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  • remedies for toothache, home remedies for tooth infection, 5 home remedies for toothache, Cold

    5 Home Remedies for Toothache 2019-06-17 09:48:35

    On the odd occasion, you might experience severe toothaches that are usually a result of tooth decay, tooth abscess, damaged fillings or infected gums. There are chances that if you have a toothache, it might bother you while sleeping or...

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    sheer khurma ingredients, hyderabadi sheer khurma recipe in hindi, eid al fitr 2019 sheer kurma recipe, Cold

    Eid Al-Fitr 2019: Sheer Kurma Recipe 2019-05-30 12:43:28

    Eid is approaching and an edible sheer kurma is ready and waiting to relish your taste buds. While the literal meaning of sheer khurma, a very popular dish throughout the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia, is milk with dates, people...

    Keywords: sheer khurma ki recipe, sheer khurma ki recipe, sheer khurma ki recipe, Eid Al-Fitr 2019

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    Indian staples, desi chickpeas, rise of indian staples in western countries, Cold

    Rise of Indian Staples in Western Countries 2019-05-30 07:29:51

    Indian cuisine is nowhere stranger to foreign countries any longer. From Indian tea to Biryani, menus of foreign county restaurants has everything that you probably get to relish in India. The desi remedy for many an ailment, a glass of...

    Keywords: rise of Indian staples in western countries, chickpea botany, desi chickpeas, chickpea pdf

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    50 degree in temperature, hottest place in the world right now, 48 9 degrees celsius in rajasthan 10 indian cities among top 15 hottest places of the world, Cold

    48.9 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan: 10 Indian Cities among Top 15 Hottest Places of the World 2019-06-03 05:40:28

    A severe heatwave is continuing to sweep India’s northern plains as 10 places in the region figured on the list of 15 hottest places in the world on Sunday.Rajasthan’s Churu and Sri Ganganagar, where the mercury shot up to 48.9...

    Keywords: 48.9 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan, 15 Hottest Places of the World, 48.9 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan, 48.9 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan

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    use of contact lens, advantages of contact lens, 10 advantages of wearing contact lenses, Cold

    10 Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses 2019-05-25 12:18:36

    There are currently in excess of 130 million contact lens wearers globally, but with more than 2 billion shortsighted people in the world to cater for now and a predicted 5 billion by the year 2050. Contact lenses can now...

    Keywords: wearing contact lens, contact lenses vs glasses which provides better vision, contact lens, switching from glasses to contacts

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    tulsi for dandruff, tulsi for skin pigmentation, tulsi for skin how this indian herb helps in making your skin acne free glowing, Cold

    Tulsi for Skin: How This Indian Herb Helps in Making Your Skin Acne-Free, Glowing 2019-05-29 10:07:00

    Tulsi or holy basil, a common Indian herb with a plethora of health and beauty benefits, is widely considered a holy plant in India. Consuming tulsi leaves or tea made out of them is considered to be good for health. Tulsi helps in improving heart...

    Keywords: benefits of tulsi for skin in hindi, how to use tulsi for skin, how to use tulsi for hair, benefits of tulsi for skin in hindi

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