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  • Saradha group financial scandal., Kolkata police, forensic audit on saradha group scam, Data management

    Forensic audit on Saradha group scam 2013-05-10 05:00:16

    The promoter of the bankrupted Saradha group, "Sudipta Sen" along with his most trusted associate Debjani Mukherjee were proceeded to nine-day police custody by a Kolkata court on 9th May.Furthermore, both Sen and Mukherjee are in the custody Kolkata police...

    Keywords: Kolkata High Court, Saradha group financial scandal., fraud detection, Saradha group

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    Infosys, oil and gas industry, infosys announces completion of noah consulting acquisition, Data management

    Infosys announces completion of Noah Consulting acquisition 2015-11-19 12:41:36

    Infosys, the second-largest software services company of India, has announced the completion of Noah Consulting acquisition. Noah is a US-based oil and gas consulting company. Previous month, he acquisition of Noah Consulting was announced by the Bengaluru-based firm for nearly...

    Keywords: oil and gas industry, Noah Consulting, oil and gas industry, Noah Consulting

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    power supply to 14000 Arizona homes, GTAT, apple pledges 2 billion command center in mesa, Data management

    Apple pledges $2 billion command center in Mesa 2015-02-03 10:10:11

    Good news from Apple, that it owns the insolvent GT Advanced Technologies facilities, which was an Apple’s supply partner involved in the production of sapphire glass. In the premises it would like to start new data center. The commitment from...

    Keywords: $2 billion command center in Mesa, GTAT, Apple Inc, GTAT

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    CMC Ltd, CMC Ltd, new zealand firm to manage indian enterprises data with cmc, Data management

    New Zealand firm to manage Indian enterprises' data with CMC 2012-02-11 11:13:33

    New Zealand-based data management solutions' provider Pingar has tied up with CMC Ltd to manage unstructured data of enterprise clients for improving the quality of business process and content management programmes. As part of the agreement, Pingar will also provide...

    Keywords: CMC limited india, Newzealand based data, Unstructured data, Newzealand based data

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