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  • Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group, lashkar-e-taiba pronunciation, 18 year old u s national pleads guilty to providing support to pakistan based terror group let, Dr david cole

    18-Year-Old U.S. National Pleads Guilty to Providing Support to Pakistan-Based Terror Group LeT 2019-05-09 11:56:38

    An 18-year-old United States national on Wednesday pleaded guilty to the charges of supporting and recruiting fighters for Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) The Islamic military organization was held responsible for carrying out the deadly 2008 Mumbai terror attack.Michael Kyle...

    Keywords: terrorist group in Pakistan, lashkar e taiba training camps, Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group, lashkar-e-taiba pronunciation

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    Professor Andy Sewell, type 1 diabetes, study reveals germs may play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes, Dr david cole

    Study reveals, Germs may play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes 2016-05-17 12:48:57

    Killer T-cells, a type of white blood cell that normally protects us from germs, play a major part in type 1 diabetes by destroying insulin producing cells, known as beta cells. A new research suggests that germs may play a...

    Keywords: killer T-cells, Cardiff University, insulin, killer T-cells

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    Terror Attack, Mumbai, mumbai terror attack plotter david headley battling for life after attack in u s jail, Dr david cole

    Mumbai Terror Attack Plotter David Headley Battling for Life after Attack in U.S. Jail 2018-07-24 10:49:12

    A Pakistani-American terrorist David Coleman Headley, who was among the plotters of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, was attacked by two prison inmates in the Chicago jail where he is being held presently, the Times of India has reported.His condition is...

    Keywords: Mumbai Terror Attack, David Headley, US Jail, US Jail

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    Rana, David Headley, india makes fresh request for extradition of david headley rana, Dr david cole

    India makes fresh request for extradition of David Headley, Rana 2017-04-21 05:54:05

    India has made a fresh request to the USA for extradition of David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Rana, for the involvement in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Andrew McCabe visited India...

    Keywords: David Headley, India makes fresh request for extradition of David Headley, Rana, Rana

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