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  • Ahmed Essop writings, Ahmed Essop death, renowned indian origin writer ahmed essop dies at 88 in south africa, Facebook

    Renowned Indian Origin Writer Ahmed Essop Dies at 88 in South Africa 2019-06-13 06:24:18

    Former educationist of Indian origin and renowned author, Ahmed Essop, has died in South Africa, a close family friend said. He was 88. "The literary giant left us after being admitted to hospital a few days earlier," said Aslam Khota....

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    Tiffani Louise O'Brien air canada passenger, Tiffani Louise O'Brien air canada passenger, air canada woman passenger wakes up alone in a pitch black plane after sleeping through landing, Facebook

    Air Canada Woman Passenger Wakes up Alone in a Pitch-Black Plane After Sleeping Through Landing 2019-06-25 07:00:10

    A woman passenger of Air Canada experienced a dreadful episode when she found herself left alone on a cold and dark plane after falling asleep during a domestic flight and unnoticed by the ground staff. The incident has forced the...

    Keywords: Tiffani Louise O'Brien in air canada, O’Brien, air canada woman passenger, Tiffani Louise O'Brien

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    american billionaires, wealth tax for climate crisis, american billionaires urge 2020 presidential candidates to endorse a moderate wealth tax for them, Facebook

    American Billionaires Urge 2020 Presidential Candidates to Endorse a Moderate Wealth Tax for Them 2019-06-25 06:46:09

    A group of United States millionaires has urged the 2020 presidential candidates to support a wealth tax on the American families with the largest fortunes. In a letter published on Monday, the group called on all the presidential candidates, Republicans...

    Keywords: billionaires in America, Moderate Wealth Tax, billionaires in US, wealth tax for climate crisis

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    facebook hate speech news, Islamophobic, 37 of hate speech misinformation on facebook is islamophobic, Facebook

    37% of Hate Speech, Misinformation on Facebook Is Islamophobic 2019-06-11 12:58:48

    The highest proportion of hate speech - 37 percent - on Facebook India is linked to Islamophobia, an analysis of hate speech and disinformation on the social media giant by a South Asian American human rights and technology research organization...

    Keywords: hate speech on social media, hate speech on facebook, hate speech on facebook, hate speech on facebook

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    teenage social media statistics 2018, teenage social media statistics 2018, youngsters are now ditching social media apps for all the weighty reasons, Facebook

    Youngsters Are Now Ditching Social Media Apps for All the Weighty Reasons 2019-06-08 07:06:52

    Despite India emerging as the largest open internet market in the world, a growing number of youngsters are deleting their social media accounts and shying away from installing these apps on their smartphones. Indians downloaded about 4.8 billion applications in...

    Keywords: most popular apps for teenagers, Social Media Apps, Social Media Apps, social media

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    Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Top 10 CEOs in US in 2019, these are the top 10 ceos in the united states in 2019 according to glassdoor, Facebook

    These Are the Top 10 CEOs in the United States in 2019, According to Glassdoor 2019-06-20 09:41:45

    For the seventh year, Glassdoor has taken a closer look at thousands of employee reviews on its platform to come up with its list of the Top 100 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the United States. VMware CEO Patrick Gelsinger...

    Keywords: top 10 ceos in US, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, top 10 ceo in world 2019, glassdoor

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