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  • social media, narendra modi following on facebook, narendra modi is most followed world leader on facebook donald trump on second place, Facebook

    Narendra Modi Is Most Followed World Leader on Facebook, Donald Trump on Second Place 2019-04-13 09:01:34

    Anyone who keeps an eye on Indian politicians and their social media regime would probably know Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s following on social media platforms. Burson Cohn & Wolfe, the global communications agency released a new report titled...

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    Feature, Feature, whatsapp to soon block chat screenshots allegedly, Facebook

    WhatsApp To Soon Block Chat Screenshots (Allegedly!) 2019-04-18 12:28:34

    With the advent of WhatsApp, people have had a very streamlined mode of communication without having to go out of their way to pay for the same. While there has been a plethora of positives with this application, the same...

    Keywords: Feature, Feature, Update, Emoji

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    sexual content on instgram, morally vague content on instagram, instagram to demote morally and sexually vague content on its app, Facebook

    Instagram to Demote Morally and Sexually Vague Content on Its App 2019-04-12 10:35:54

    Instagram, Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, on Wednesday announced that is going to demote morally and sexually vague content including video snippets, memes, and pictures. "We have begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram's...

    Keywords: sexual content on instgram, instagram policies, nudity on instagram, instagram policies

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    social media addiction, social media addiction, indians spend 17 hours per week on social media highest in the world, Facebook

    Indians Spend 17 Hours Per Week on Social Media, Highest in the World 2019-04-17 10:15:09

    India is overcoming every country in internet adoption trends and has secured a new record of spending the highest amount of time on social media in the world. As per McKinsey's latest report on Indian online trends, there are an...

    Keywords: social media addiction, internet users in India, Indians spending time on social media, India

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    NRI Voter Joystan Lobo, NRI voters in Oman, nri voter flaunts his flight ticket on social media someone goes and secretly cancels it, Facebook

    NRI Voter Flaunts His Flight Ticket on Social Media, Someone Goes and Secretly Cancels It 2019-04-15 06:08:40

    Non-Resident Indians invariably be excited to visit their home country, while some unveil it by sharing with their closed ones some go to an extent of sharing particulars on social media, which sometimes be a drawback. An Indian origin man...

    Keywords: Indians in oman, Joystan Lobo flight ticket, Flight Ticket on Social Media, Joystan Lobo

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    university of farmington scam, university of farmington, farmington university scam u s officials violated guidelines with fake facebook profiles says fb, Facebook

    Farmington University Scam: U.S. Officials Violated Guidelines with Fake Facebook Profiles, Says FB 2019-04-13 05:01:23

    Months after over 600 students, 90 percent among them being Indians, were arrested for visa fraud after the United States authorities set up a fake university under a sting operation, Facebook has said the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement violated...

    Keywords: farmington university scam, Farmington University on facebook, Farmington University fake facebook profiles, university of farmington

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