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  • eco friendly building materials, building materials, now you can turn your old clothes into building materials, Fashion trend

    Now You Can Turn Your Old Clothes into Building Materials 2018-12-20 08:55:25

    Disposing clothing that is not anymore needed is a missed opportunity to turn the fabric into brand-new products such as building materials, as well as address our unsustainable landfill difficulties, says an Indian-origin professor. According to Veena Sahajwalla from University...

    Keywords: Veena Sahajwall, waste management, eco friendly building materials, Veena Sahajwall

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    bindi quora, bindi cultural appropriation, reasons why wearing a bindi is good for health, Fashion trend

    Reasons Why Wearing a Bindi Is Good for Health 2019-05-02 06:37:21

    Did you at any point had a difference of opinion with your mother as for why putting bindi is important? And, at that moment you would’ve not agreed to her point. Apart from a sign of tradition and religion and...

    Keywords: bindi quora, how to put bindi on forehead, bindi significance, bindi quora

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    dip dyed tshirts, period stain wedding attire, bride slammed for dressing in period stain wedding attire that looked like a stained tampon, Fashion trend

    Bride Slammed for Dressing in Period-Stain Wedding Attire That Looked like a Stained Tampon 2019-04-23 12:06:51

    Dip-dyed clothing in vogue and people usually opt for tees made with the dip-dyed process but an unnamed bride chose the dip-dye bridal dress for her nuptial which is quite a rare sight. The bridal opted for the white bridal...

    Keywords: trendy bridal dress, latest bridal dress, trendy bridal dress, period stain wedding dress

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    fashion, Future of Fashion, future of fashion industry, Fashion trend

    Future of fashion Industry 2016-05-07 10:53:55

    A style that is popular at a particular time, especially in clothes, hair, make up and more, and even this applies to the nature of the body, behavior Etc,. The word fashion itself shows that, it is an ever changing...

    Keywords: Future of Fashion, fashion, Future of Fashion, Future of Fashion

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    Fashion, Fashion Trends, 7 monsoon fashion trends for you, Fashion trend

    7 Monsoon Fashion Trends for You 2018-07-26 07:02:41

    Rainy season brings along the ample desired respite from the heat, nonetheless, the season likewise throws a challenge at you when it comes to dressing up. One at all times wants to appear modish but to ruin your shoes and...

    Keywords: Monsoon, Fashion Trends, Fashion Trends, Rainy season

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    summer heat, summer 2019, summer fashion 2019 best fabrics to get through the summer heat, Fashion trend

    Summer Fashion 2019: Best Fabrics to Get Through the Summer Heat 2019-03-22 13:29:29

    The summer season is here and as constant sweat triggers irritation, the cry out for some fabrics which make you refreshing will surpass. There are some fabrics in which you can still be comfortable in the scorching heat. Thus, it...

    Keywords: top spring 2019 trends, summer heat, get through summer heat, 2019 fashion trend forecast

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