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  • astronauts in NASA, Indian origin scientists, meet the 9 top indian origin scientists in nasa, Forever

    Meet the 9 Top Indian Origin Scientists in NASA 2019-05-27 10:06:20

    As a part of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) celebrated the contributions of several Indian-origin scientists in the space agency including engineers, flight directors, astronauts, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and many more. Kalpana...

    Keywords: Indian origin astronauts, Indian origin scientists, Asian Pacific American Heritage month, Indian origin astronauts in NASA

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    indian culture for kids, indian culture project for kids, 6 easy tips to teach your kids indian culture and traditions, Forever

    6 Easy Tips to Teach Your Kids Indian Culture and Traditions 2019-06-25 11:45:19

    Parenting has become arduous in this day and age especially when you are staying abroad and has to enlighten your kids about Indian culture and traditions. Though Indian parents put down roots in a foreign land, they hanker to make...

    Keywords: popular culture in india, india facts for kids, indian culture for kids, indian culture project for kids

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    sustain relationship meaning, love and relationship, 5 ways to sustain your relationship when times get tough, Forever

    5 Ways to Sustain Your Relationship When Times Get Tough 2019-06-11 05:45:07

    Anyone can be in head over heels in love with a person but letting that doting last forever especially when situations get rigid is tougher. You can grow older with your partner in many ways, but you will only grow...

    Keywords: how to make strong relationship with your partner, love and relationship, strong relationship tips, sustain your relationship

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    sikh, us air force logo, american air force allows sikh airman to wear turban and beard while serving, Forever

    American Air Force Allows Sikh Airman to Wear Turban and Beard While Serving 2019-06-08 05:11:20

    The United States Air Force has granted a religious accommodation for a Sikh airman allowing him to serve with a beard, turban, and unshorn hair, making him the first active-duty airman to receive such an accommodation. Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa, a...

    Keywords: air force jobs, air force requirements, us air force ranks, american air force

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    sarah sanders resignation, white house press secretary, white house press secretary sarah sanders resigns, Forever

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Resigns 2019-06-14 10:12:44

    The senior aide of President Donald Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who famously said that God "wanted Donald Trump to become president", resigned. President Trump made the surprise announcement on Twitter that Sanders will step down at the...

    Keywords: white house, white house, white house, sarah sanders

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    visa violation, H1B visa violation, u s judge stays rule to deport students over visa violation, Forever

    U.S. Judge Stays Rule to Deport Students over Visa Violation 2019-05-07 09:44:12

    The United States federal judge has issued a stay order against President Donald Trump's administration's rule to make it easier to deport students for even innocent mistakes in following visa regulations and prevent them from returning for as long as...

    Keywords: US judge, overstay of visa, visa violation, visa

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