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  • how do i know if my phone has a virus, agent smith, agent smith virus infects 25 million android phones know how to save your phone from this risky virus, Google

    Agent Smith Virus Infects 25 Million Android Phones: Know How to Save Your Phone from This Risky Virus 2019-07-11 10:18:31

    Agent Smith virus is taking over Android phones across the world with infecting more than 25 million phones thus far worldwide. The app spreads through the third-party app stores like 9Apps and once it is on a phone, it hides...

    Keywords: how to remove virus from samsung mobile phone, agent smith virus, android phone, how to remove virus from samsung mobile phone

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    facepp, russians, beware faceapp users giving your selfie to russians is in every way a bad idea, Google

    Beware FaceApp Users! Giving Your Selfie to Russians Is in Every Way a Bad Idea 2019-07-18 11:00:05

    With advanced technology, everything is just a click away now - outrageous wrongdoing or brief enlightenment. Right now, FaceApp, made by Russian developer is on mania, mostly among millennials and so far it garnered over 150 million users. This app...

    Keywords: facepp, faceapp on android, android, russians

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    signs of cheating girlfriend psychology, signs of cheating, difference between flirting and cheating 8 signs that you have crossed the limit, Google

    Difference Between Flirting and Cheating: 8 Signs That You Have Crossed the Limit 2019-07-17 12:42:48

    When in a relationship, healthy flirting with some other person is all right. Though at times your flirting seems like a harmless one, it is a slippery slope and you never know when you slip. From time to time, that...

    Keywords: prove signs wife is cheating, signs that you are not flirting, 5 signs your husband is cheating, what is cheating in a relationship

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    green card waiting time by country, Indian techies, good news for indian techies u s house passes bill removing country cap on green cards, Google

    Good News for Indian Techies! U.S. House Passes Bill Removing Country Cap on Green Cards 2019-07-11 04:10:30

    The United States lawmakers Wednesday passed a Green Card bill aimed at lifting the per-country limits on the employment-based cards that would mainly benefit thousands of high-skilled Indian IT professionals, for whom the wait for Green card is more than...

    Keywords: green card bill, Indian techies abroad, green card per country limit bill 2019, green card

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    top incognito searches, how to recover incognito history, google facebook secretly tracking your porn viewing habits even on incognito mode, Google

    Google, Facebook Secretly Tracking Your Porn Viewing Habits, Even on Incognito Mode 2019-07-19 12:34:45

    Do you watch porn in the incognito mode and you think it will not let anyone know? If that is the case, then you are completely mistaken. Because, Google, Facebook, and even Oracle cloud are secretly tracking the porn you...

    Keywords: technology, disadvantages of incognito mode, technology, technology

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    google, employee portals examples, google launches new portal for small businesses, Google

    Google Launches New Portal for Small Businesses 2019-06-29 09:28:26

    Google has launched a new website on June 27, marking International Small Business Day, that will suggest its products that seem like the best fit for a specific business. The Google for Small Business portal was announced at New York...

    Keywords: business, small business, employee portal for small business, google

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