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  • character, PM Modi, g20 argentina local tv channel reports modi s arrival with apu meme, Indian accent

    G20 Argentina: Local TV Channel Reports Modi's Arrival With 'Apu Meme' 2018-12-01 06:07:40

    "Apu arrives," this is how an Argentina news channel Cronica TV headlined the news of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's arrival in Buenos Aires, the BBC reported. The news channel in no time faced backlash after they displayed an image...

    Keywords: PM Modi, Narendra Modi, Argentina, report

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    Luna Park, Luna Park, pregnant indian women racially abused in sydney, Indian accent

    Pregnant Indian women, racially abused in Sydney 2017-05-03 06:03:53

    A pregnant Indian woman and her family were racially abused by a lady in a park in Sydney, Australia, after her husband asked the lady if they could sit next to her. The incident occurred on April 22nd in Luna...

    Keywords: racially abused, racially abused, racially abused, Indians in Australia

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    Actor Kal Penn talks about racism towards Indians in Hollywood, Actor Kal Penn talks about racism towards Indians in Hollywood, hollywood script depicts indian characters in a belittling manner, Indian accent

    Hollywood script depicts Indian Characters in a belittling manner 2017-03-16 06:44:54

    Hollywood is not as free, liberal and diverse as it seems to be. While Hollywood conveniently cast white actors for the role of Jesus or Moses and many other middle-eastern characters, they racially typecast all other races. Indian-origin Hollywood actor...

    Keywords: Typecasting, Kal Penn talks about stereotype in Hollywood, Stereotype, Kal Penn

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    what foreigners think about indian english, foreigners experience india, 8 things foreigners find most annoying about indians abroad, Indian accent

    8 Things Foreigners Find Most Annoying About Indians Abroad 2019-05-28 12:00:38

    Every culture, race, and ethnic group beyond the shadow of doubt has some quirks that vex outsiders. Since Indians are largely preferring foreign countries to settle down, here are some desi traits that probably foreigners find annoying or appalling. Parental...

    Keywords: what do foreigners think of india quora, foreigners in india blog, foreigners experience india, foreigners

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    Aligarh rating, Aligarh, aligarh movie review, Indian accent

    Aligarh Movie Review 2016-02-25 19:38:01

    Professor Srinivas Siras (Manoj Bajpayee) is the head of the modern Indian languages institute at the famed Aligarh University. He is the only Marathi teaching professor in the entire university and claims that with immense pride. One night, two reporters...

    Keywords: Bollywood movie reviews, Aligarh, Aligarh rating, Bollywood movie rating

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    Indian accent, world’s 50 sexiest accents, indian accent ranked 26 in the world s 50 sexiest accents 2019, Indian accent

    Indian Accent Ranked 26 in the World’s 50 Sexiest Accents 2019 2019-05-03 05:38:34

    Every nation has its own accent and regardless of where a person put down roots the accent which gets deep-rooted would certainly not go. The list of the world’s sexiest accents is out and New Zealand topped the list. After...

    Keywords: world’s sexiest accents, world’s sexiest accents, Indian accent, World’s 50 Sexiest Accents 2019 list

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