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  • technology, android, beware faceapp users giving your selfie to russians is in every way a bad idea, Iphone

    Beware FaceApp Users! Giving Your Selfie to Russians Is in Every Way a Bad Idea 2019-07-18 11:00:05

    With advanced technology, everything is just a click away now - outrageous wrongdoing or brief enlightenment. Right now, FaceApp, made by Russian developer is on mania, mostly among millennials and so far it garnered over 150 million users. This app...

    Keywords: android, technology, faceapp in russia, facepp

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    whatsapp hack, whatsapp hack, whatsapp users urged to update app after major security breach carried out by hackers, Iphone

    Whatsapp Users Urged to Update App After Major Security Breach Carried out by Hackers 2019-05-14 11:28:02

    The popular messaging application, WhatsApp is advising its users to upgrade the app and install the latest version of the app in their phones as it has been reportedly been hot by ‘targeted surveillance.’ WhatsApp has accepted that hackers managed...

    Keywords: whatsapp users, whatsapp, security breach on whatsapp, whatsapp users

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    how to remove virus from samsung mobile phone, virus on samsung, agent smith virus infects 25 million android phones know how to save your phone from this risky virus, Iphone

    Agent Smith Virus Infects 25 Million Android Phones: Know How to Save Your Phone from This Risky Virus 2019-07-11 10:18:31

    Agent Smith virus is taking over Android phones across the world with infecting more than 25 million phones thus far worldwide. The app spreads through the third-party app stores like 9Apps and once it is on a phone, it hides...

    Keywords: how to check your phone for viruses, android phone, agent smith virus on android phones, how to remove virus from samsung mobile phone

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    How to Track Blood Pressure with a Video Selfie, why is blood pressure lower the second time i take it, soon you may track your blood pressure with a video selfie, Iphone

    Soon You May Track Your Blood Pressure with a Video Selfie 2019-08-07 08:47:45

    Did you ever think you could one day monitor Blood Pressure (BP) as easily as taking a video selfie? Interestingly, researchers, including an Indian origin, have tested a technology known as transdermal optical imaging that measures blood pressure by detecting...

    Keywords: how to check blood pressure by hand, Track Blood Pressure with a Video Selfie, track blood pressure, track my blood pressure

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    how to activate siri on iphone 8, how to use siri on iphone 10, apple reveals its contractors are regularly listening to your conversations with siri, Iphone

    Apple Reveals Its Contractors Are Regularly Listening to Your Conversations with Siri 2019-07-29 10:21:38

    If you are in a belief that Apple iPhones are loaded with security aspects, then you are to the hilt mistaken. Because, Apple admitted that a small portion of user conversations (with Siri) goes to the contracted workers for the...

    Keywords: talk to siri, apple, siri online, iphone siri

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    how to block ads on facebook videos, why so many ads on facebook 2018, facebook to ban ads that urge people not to vote in 2020 u s presidential election, Iphone

    Facebook to Ban Ads That Urge People Not to Vote in 2020 U.S. Presidential Election 2019-07-02 04:41:14

    Ahead of the 2020 United States Presidential elections, Facebook is gearing up to ban advertisements on its platform that urge people not to vote, according to its annual civil rights audit released on Sunday.The move comes in a bid to...

    Keywords: how to stop ads on facebook videos, how to block ads on facebook videos, how to block ads on facebook videos, Vote in 2020 US Presidential Election

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