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  • when do flight prices drop, best time to buy airline tickets, air fares likely to increase after hike in aviation turbine fuel prices, Kolkata

    Air Fares Likely to Increase After Hike in Aviation Turbine Fuel Prices 2019-04-02 06:42:50

    People planning to fly by air to places might have to spend more as oil marketing companies have increased the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).ATF now costs Rs 63,472.22 per kiloliter in Delhi, up Rs 677 (over 1 percent)...

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    indian wedding dresses online, indian wedding dresses online, feeling difficult to find indian bridal wear in united states here s a guide for you to snap up traditional wedding wear, Kolkata

    Feeling Difficult to Find Indian Bridal Wear in United States? Here’s a Guide for You to Snap up Traditional Wedding Wear 2019-04-10 12:06:24

    Indian attires are in vogue across the world especially bridal lehenga or sari. Regardless of nationality, Indian bridal attires are in demand these days but at the same time, it is strenuous to track down Indian bridal garbs outside India....

    Keywords: indian wedding guest dresses online, Indian bridal wear in United States, Indian bridal wear in United States, english indian wedding dresses

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    sara ali khan brand ambassador of ceriz, sara ali khan, sara ali khan is now the indian brand ambassador for ceriz, Kolkata

    Sara Ali Khan Is Now the Indian Brand Ambassador for CERIZ 2019-05-10 13:08:34

    Bollywood heartthrob Sara Ali Khan has been roped in as a brand ambassador of CERIZ, a French accessory brand for women. The 20-year-old actress will be seen sporting the stylish collection of handbags by CERIZ. The beautiful actress recently did...

    Keywords: sara, sara ali khan, ceriz, sara

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    best picnic spots around the world, Best Picnic Spots from Around the World, best picnic spots from around the world, Kolkata

    Best Picnic Spots from Around the World 2019-06-19 12:42:47

    A perfect day off can never wind up without spending quality time with family and loved ones. But for few, making up mind on one picnic spot to holiday in is exhausting. A picnic, in general, is a meal taken...

    Keywords: my favourite picnic spot in india, beautiful picnic spots near me, picnic spots, picnic spot near me

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    is it worth studying abroad for indian students?, how many indian students return to india after ms, qualified indians continue to go abroad scientists want modi govt to make a move to stop this brain drain, Kolkata

    Qualified Indians Continue to Go Abroad, Scientists Want Modi Govt to Make a Move to Stop This ‘Brain Drain’ 2019-07-04 06:04:38

    As scores of qualified Indians continue to move abroad, the country’s generation-next scientists have called on the Indian government to take immediate steps to stop this ''brain drain''.Scientists also said that increasing funding for research could help curb this phenomenon...

    Keywords: can a middle class indian study abroad, how many indian students return to india after ms, should i go abroad to study, causes of brain drain

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    life after liver transplant child, post pediatric liver transplant care, kolkata s 5 month old toddler becomes the youngest indian to get liver transplant in 10 hour long surgery, Kolkata

    Kolkata’s 5-Month-Old Toddler Becomes the Youngest Indian to Get Liver Transplant in 10-Hour-Long Surgery 2019-04-10 06:38:40

    A five-month-old baby girl from Kolkata has become India's youngest liver transplant patient, doctors at the Max Super Speciality Hospital said on Tuesday. Ariana Dey, now six-months-old, was born healthy but at five months of age, she suffered from jaundice...

    Keywords: life expectancy after liver transplant, malfunctioning liver for babies, life expectancy after liver transplant, post pediatric liver transplant care

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