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    Things girls should know about guys, before marriage 2016-02-03 11:43:36

    Every married couple, would think that, they would have known a few things about their partner before marriage. If  at all you are unhappy with him, after marriage, though you repent, there would be no use. But if you are...

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    relationship tips, boys faking love, 6 crafty signs he s faking his love for you, Love tips

    6 Crafty Signs He's Faking His Love for you 2018-11-10 05:04:37

    It is very hard to differentiate a fake relationship from a genuine one. Many of us live under the impression of an enduring relationship when what we are in fact having is a simple affair. It is factual that real,...

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    In matters of heart, love addiction, in matters of heart heed that gut feeling, Love tips

    In matters of heart, heed that gut feeling 2013-09-23 11:55:39

    The best thing about being in love is the unconditional support of the partner. The worst thing about loving someone is losing them. Where matters of the heart are on the line, listen to your inner voice and heed that...

    Keywords: how to deal with suffocating relationship, how to handle breakup, love tips, sixth sense

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    love and relationship, love and relationship, it s better to stay quiet when your partner is stressed suggests study, Love tips

    It’s Better to Stay Quiet When Your Partner Is Stressed, Suggests Study 2019-07-26 13:13:03

    When our loved one is going through a stressful time, we sometimes tend to start talking about more negativity making them feel more traumatic. If you are doing that with your partner, then you have to put a stop to...

    Keywords: love tips, Why You Get Stressed When Your Partner Is Stressed, how to deal with stressed partner, love tips

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