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  • indian new year 2019, Indian traditional new years, indian communities in uae celebrate traditional new years, New year

    Indian Communities in UAE Celebrate Traditional New Years 2019-04-17 05:21:19

    Indians residing in the United Arab Emirates celebrated spring time harvest festivals and ushered in traditional new years, the media reported. Keralites, the largest group among more than 3.3 million-strong Indian community in the UAE, celebrated Vishu on Monday, reports...

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    trump’s go back remark, Indian americans, indian americans inveigh against trump s go back remark, New year

    Indian Americans Inveigh Against Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Remark 2019-07-17 04:49:09

    President Donald Trump is once again facing criticism and this time for his racist remarks made Sunday asking four Democratic women representatives to “Go Back” to their countries. The four women congresswomen targeted by Trump are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New...

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    festival of india organised by which country 2018, Indians abroad, five indian festivals celebrated abroad with pep and pomp, New year

    Five Indian Festivals Celebrated Abroad with Pep and Pomp 2019-05-14 12:38:53

    Indians - no matter in which corner they are in the world, nothing can stop them from celebrating Indian festivals with immense fad and with equal grandeur as in India. As scores of Indians are showing keen interest to move...

    Keywords: ministry of culture empanelment, festival of india organised by which country 2018, Indians abroad, festivals celebrated outside india

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    travel tips, travel tips, 5 things you can t do abroad that you are accustomed to doing in india, New year

    5 Things You Can’t Do Abroad That You Are Accustomed to Doing in India 2019-06-24 07:32:50

    Indians are increasingly traveling abroad - to both East and West, for business and pleasure, thus it is of the essence to be conscious of local manners and customs. Below listed are few things what to do and what not...

    Keywords: traveling abroad, travel, Indians abroad, India

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    bihu dance in space, bihu festival 2017, watch bihu celebrations in space video of nasa astronaut s traditional folk dance back in 2004 goes viral, New year

    Watch: Bihu Celebrations in Space; Video of NASA Astronaut’s Traditional Folk Dance Back in 2004 Goes Viral 2019-04-15 12:21:44

    On April 15, as Assamese community celebrates Bihu, the Assamese new year, an old video has resurfaced on social media which shows an astronaut doing the traditional Bihu dance up in space. In a topographic point of zero gravity, National...

    Keywords: NASA astronaut Mike Fincke, bihu dance in space, happy magh bihu, bihu

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    top 200 engineering colleges in world, Indian universities, no indian college secures place in world s top 50 tech colleges 2019, New year

    No Indian College Secures Place in World’s Top 50 Tech Colleges 2019 2019-03-11 12:27:34

    The 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings list has been disclosed with the best colleges across the world as it’s a new year again and another round of college admissions coming up, with students frantically making an effort to...

    Keywords: World’s Top 50 Tech Colleges 2019, World’s Top 50 Tech Colleges 2019, World’s Top 50 Tech Colleges, qs world university rankings 2019

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