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  • PAN, PAN, aadhaar not mandatory for nris, Nri tax

    Aadhaar not mandatory for NRIs 2017-06-20 12:54:20

    Non-Residential-Indians (NRIs) across the world get a sign of relief after the Indian government officials clarified that NRIs were exempted from the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar card to file tax returns in India effective July 1. Since only Indian residents are...

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    indians, kuwait, india sets up gulf unit to track nri tax evaders, Nri tax

    India sets up Gulf unit to track NRI tax evaders 2013-09-30 10:47:46

    Government posts eight senior IRS officers abroad, including one in Abu Dhabi, as it tries to crackdown on flow of black money. India’s efforts to track down tax evaders could soon see officials monitoring the funding flows of nationals living...

    Keywords: kuwait, portal, indians, fahaheel

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    penalty, penalty in NRI tax, hsbc fears significant penalty in nri tax evasion probe, Nri tax

    HSBC fears significant penalty in NRI tax evasion probe 2013-09-30 05:40:18

    Global banking major HSBC has said it may face "significant" penalties from the US authorities with regard to an ongoing probe into suspected tax evasion by the US-based clients of its Indian unit, among other cases. The US tax department...

    Keywords: HSBC fears 'significant' penalty in NRI tax evasion probe, Tax of NRI., penalty, NRI Tax

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    NRI, law of indian tax gives NRI a raw deal, indian tax laws give nris a raw deal, Nri tax

    Indian tax laws give NRIs a raw deal 2013-09-30 06:04:02

    There has been a continuous effort in the past decade or so to make the income tax laws simpler, consistent and taxpayer-friendly.The effort has resulted in faster processing of refunds and improving compliance. However, no steps have been taken to...

    Keywords: law of indian tax, NRI, indian tax, NRI

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    income tax return in india, income tax return, when nri needs to file income tax return in india, Nri tax

    When NRI needs to file income tax return in India? 2013-09-30 05:58:51

    The obligation to file income tax return in India is dependent on the residential status of the person. So, if you fall in the NRI category as per the Income Tax rules in India and have earned income in India...

    Keywords: NRI, india, nris, NRI

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    ASK Centers, nri status, nri taxpayers can file returns manually for nil lower tds certificate, Nri tax

    NRI Taxpayers Can File Returns Manually for Nil/Lower TDS Certificate 2018-12-27 06:45:06

    The resident and Non-Resident Indian (NRI) taxpayers waiting to apply for deduction of taxes at a lower or nil rate on total income are now allowed for the manual filing of a form, according to Central Board of Direct Taxes...

    Keywords: schedule al for nri, tds for nri, resident taxpayers, resident taxpayers

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