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  • lifestyle, when to tell a child they have a different father, it s better to tell children truth about their adoption sooner than later suggests study, Parenting

    It’s Better to Tell Children Truth About Their Adoption Sooner Than Later, Suggests Study 2019-07-17 07:43:12

    Adopted children go through greater distress if they’re told after age 3 that they are adopted, according to a study published in the Journal of Family Issues. According to the study, “Delaying Adoption Disclosure: A Survey of Late Discovery,” people...

    Keywords: parenting, not telling child they are adopted, not telling child they are adopted, parenting

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    indian american parenting, child rearing practices in indian families, the story of an indian mother struggling with american parenting, Parenting

    The Story of an Indian Mother Struggling with American Parenting 2019-06-03 11:28:58

    Parenting in America is quite different when compared to other countries, especially India. And, as scores of Indians are residing in the United States it makes tougher for Indian parents to raise children as per the country’s directives. The foremost...

    Keywords: indian american parenting, Indian Mother, Indian Mother, raising indian kid in usa

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    nancy ray instagram post, nancy ray, mother s moment of surprise perfectly captured after she births a boy while expecting a girl goes viral, Parenting

    Mother’s Moment of Surprise Perfectly Captured After She Births a Boy While Expecting a Girl Goes Viral 2019-05-03 05:51:39

    Needless to say, childbirth is a special moment and the pictures clicked at the jiff you first hold your baby is beyond seventh heaven. Especially candid pictures that capture the exact moment when mothers see their baby for the first...

    Keywords: nancy ray blog, pregnancy, pregnancy and parenting, nancy ray blog

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    indian culture and heritage, importance of indian culture, 6 easy tips to teach your kids indian culture and traditions, Parenting

    6 Easy Tips to Teach Your Kids Indian Culture and Traditions 2019-06-25 11:45:19

    Parenting has become arduous in this day and age especially when you are staying abroad and has to enlighten your kids about Indian culture and traditions. Though Indian parents put down roots in a foreign land, they hanker to make...

    Keywords: popular culture in india, teaching kids about Indian traditions, indian culture and heritage, Indian culture and traditions

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    breast milk different color one side, pregnancy, uk mother believes her breast milk turned blue after her child got vaccinated, Parenting

    UK Mother Believes Her Breast Milk Turned Blue After Her Child Got Vaccinated 2019-05-09 04:39:48

    A picture of two bottles of breast milk with an evident color difference is going viral on social media after a Birmingham mother shared on her social media profile claiming that it was proof that the color of her breast...

    Keywords: breast milk turned blue, breast milk different color one side, what causes watery breast milk, Jody Danielle Fisher facebook

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    diseases, pregnancy and parenting, 3 in 5 pregnancy related deaths in the united states can be prevented cdc report, Parenting

    3 in 5 Pregnancy-Related Deaths in the United States Can Be Prevented: CDC Report 2019-05-08 06:55:41

    A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that three in five pregnancy-related deaths in the United States can be prevented. Pregnancy-related deaths can happen up to a year after a woman gives birth, according...

    Keywords: pregnancy deaths, pregnancy, pregnancy deaths, pregnancy deaths

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