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  • type 2 diabetes risk factors, how serious is type 2 diabetes, these 3 lifestyle choices may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, Risk factors

    These 3 Lifestyle Choices May Increase the Risk of Type 2-Diabetes 2019-06-08 09:37:28

    Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that affect people across the world. Diabetes is caused when the sugar levels in the blood rise, due to the absence of the enzyme insulin, which is responsible for the breakdown...

    Keywords: type 2 diabetes symptoms, type 2 diabetes symptoms, type 2 diabetes prevention, type 2 diabetes symptoms

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    Hearing loss, unilateral hearing loss, 1 1 billion people globally at risk of hearing loss loud music on headphones one of the reasons, Risk factors

    1.1 Billion People Globally at Risk of Hearing Loss, Loud Music on Headphones One of the Reasons 2019-02-19 12:22:51

    Sound pollution can be detrimental to you and especially the younger generation getting through in today’s way of life is more vulnerable to becoming hearing-impaired. According to the estimation by the World Health Organization, about 1.1 billion people globally, between...

    Keywords: hearing loss due to loud music, health and lifestyle, hearing loss symptoms, Who

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    is rice increase fat, obesity levels, a jiff of rejoice for rice maniacs countries that consume more rice have lower obesity levels says study, Risk factors

    A Jiff of Rejoice for Rice Maniacs: Countries That Consume More Rice Have Lower Obesity Levels, Says Study 2019-05-02 10:23:26

    In what is considered a pleasing disclosure for all rice addicts, a study found that countries with the intake of high amounts of rice have substantially lower obesity levels, while countries with lower average rice intake have higher obesity levels....

    Keywords: countries eating rice, calories and fat in rice, obesity levels, is rice increase fat

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    smelling your food before you eat it, smelling food, smelling high calorie food for 2 minutes can help you eat less study, Risk factors

    Smelling High-Calorie Food for 2 Minutes Can Help You Eat Less: Study 2019-01-18 10:42:20

    Every so often when you enter a restaurant, the aroma of pizzas, burger or sandwiches may entice you but you refrain yourself from eating them due to high calorie it contains. Are you on a diet and still can’t control...

    Keywords: smelling your food before you eat it, weight loss, ways to eat less, smell of food

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    rem sleep, how to fix rem sleep, anti depressants anxiety linked to kicking yelling in sleep, Risk factors

    Anti-Depressants, Anxiety Linked to kicking, Yelling in Sleep 2018-12-31 04:14:59

    Do you have a habit of kicking, punching or yelling during sleep? In that case, you possibly would want to know the risk factors of violent sleep disorder. According to a study, taking anti-depressants or having post-traumatic stress disorder or...

    Keywords: yelling in sleep, violent sleep disorder, rem sleep behavior disorder video, how to fix rem sleep

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    loneliness in late adulthood, loneliness and declining health in senior citizens, loneliness in senior citizens linked to declining health study, Risk factors

    Loneliness in Senior Citizens Linked to Declining Health: Study 2019-04-30 04:15:51

    Young people, most of the times tend to turn their back on their elderly parents or leave them isolated owing to many reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of proper sense of responsibility. But, a recent study found...

    Keywords: resources for lonely seniors, loneliness of old age essay, effects of loneliness in elderly, senior citizens

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