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  • Indians victims of gun violence, anti immigrant rhetoric, many indians victims of gun violence in u s are telangana descents, Robbery

    Many Indians Victims of Gun Violence in U.S. Are Telangana Descents 2019-01-09 07:20:50

    The Southern Indian state Telangana has turned out to be the top city across the world that sends aspiring engineers to the United States, but then, it has been both boon and bane for scores of families. On January 3,...

    Keywords: Indian victims of gun violence in US, victims of gun violence in US, indian shot dead in usa today, indian killed in ohio

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    houston woman, houston, houston woman found guilty robbing indian american homes across u s, Robbery

    Houston Woman Found Guilty Robbing Indian American Homes Across U.S 2019-06-05 04:22:27

    A woman from Houston has been found guilty of leading a gang that carried out targeted robberies of Indian American homes across the United States.The 44-year-old Chaka Castro and her accomplices committed a string of home invasions in Georgia, New...

    Keywords: Indian american, chaka castro, chaka castro, houston

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    Chouhan Pal presented bravery award, Indian origin jeweler in Birmingham, indian origin jeweler awarded for bravery during robbery in birmingham, Robbery

    Indian Origin Jeweler Awarded for Bravery During Robbery in Birmingham 2019-06-06 09:46:00

    An Indian origin jeweler has been honored with a bravery award after helping police arrest the robbers who bound and gagged him at his jewelry store in Birmingham has been honored with a bravery award.Chouhan Pal was presented with the...

    Keywords: Chouhan Pal, Chouhan, Indian jewelers in Birmingham, Chouhan Pal presented bravery award

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    trump mask, kim jong un mask, man wearing a donald trump mask robs jewelry stores in australia, Robbery

    Man Wearing a Donald Trump Mask Robs Jewelry Stores in Australia 2019-05-09 05:33:04

    Robbers invariably try different ways to burglarize, but a man in Australia did something really unique to hide his face from the cameras by wearing the United States President Donald Trump’s mask. According to a statement by Queensland police, the...

    Keywords: trump mask, donald trump mask, donald trump mask, hyperflesh trump mask

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    indian groups in london, indian population in london, indian origin shopkeeper ravi katharkamar stabbed to death in london, Robbery

    Indian Origin Shopkeeper Ravi Katharkamar Stabbed to Death in London 2019-03-27 05:04:31

    The 54-year-old Indian origin man who is running newsagent’s shop in the United Kingdom has been stabbed to death during a burglary at his store on Sunday. Ravi Katharkamar, who was thought to have two children, was attacked as he...

    Keywords: indian town in london, Ravi Katharkamar, indian population in london, southall london

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    atm mugging china, bystander stops robbery, watch man robs woman at atm returns money after realizing no money left in her account, Robbery

    Watch: Man Robs Woman at ATM, Returns Money After Realizing No Money Left in Her Account 2019-03-14 05:02:36

    In a bizarre yet hilarious incident, a thief in China, who intended to steal money from a woman while in ATM, returned the money as soon as he realized that her account balance was almost zero.Based on the surveillance camera...

    Keywords: ATM robbery in China, atm shooting, mugger gets shot, atm shooting

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