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  • festivals of india state wise, festivals of india 2019, 12 famous indian festivals and stories behind them, Sikhism

    12 Famous Indian Festivals and Stories Behind Them 2019-07-02 07:13:08

    Indian festivals are predominantly noted across the world for its striking celebrations with fun and frolic. From the much-loved Diwali to crazy Holi, each and every Indian festival has a unique account for celebrating. In case you are not enlightened...

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    author of Menstruation Across Cultures-A Historical Perspective book, author nithin sridhar, menstruation is a celebration of womanhood not shame hindu scholar nithin sridhar, Sikhism

    Menstruation Is a Celebration of Womanhood Not Shame: Hindu Scholar Nithin Sridhar 2019-05-22 10:17:09

    Despite several measures being taken to put a stop of stereotypes revolving around menstruation, there are scores of people who see menstruation as shameful. A Hindu scholar and author Nithin Sridhar says menstruation should not be considered shameful but should...

    Keywords: menstruation celebration of womanhood, nithin sridhar, menstruation, hindu shcolar nithin sridhar

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    american sikh converts, sikhs in canada, delaware declares april 2019 as sikh awareness and appreciation month, Sikhism

    Delaware Declares April 2019 as ‘Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month’ 2019-03-20 04:12:54

    Delaware governor John Carney has signed an executive proclamation naming April 2019 as the "Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month" in recognition of the contribution of the Sikh community in the economic and social milieu of the state. Throughout April,...

    Keywords: April 2019 Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month, Delaware Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month, richest sikh in america, April 2019 Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month

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    Kartarpur Corridor Work, sikh americans, sikh americans urge india not to let tension with pakistan impact kartarpur corridor work, Sikhism

    Sikh Americans Urge India Not to Let Tension with Pakistan Impact Kartarpur Corridor Work 2019-03-13 10:43:26

    Sikh Americans have urged the Indian Government to ensure that the work on the landmark Kartarpur Corridor is not impacted by the tension between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the Pulwama terrorist attack.Tensions between India and Pakistan intensified after a suicide bomber...

    Keywords: sikhism, sikh of america auditions, sikh in canada, richest sikh in america

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    Sikhs availing Indian visa, Indian government, over 300 blacklisted sikh foreign nationals can now avail indian visa, Sikhism

    Over 300 Blacklisted Sikh Foreign Nationals Can Now Avail Indian Visa 2019-09-13 07:38:19

    The Indian government has removed at least 312 Indian origins living in foreign countries from an adverse list or blacklist enabling them to apply for Indian visa and visit the country, a Home Ministry official said Friday. The decision came...

    Keywords: blacklisted sikh foreign nationals, Indian government, Sikhs availing Indian visa, Sikhs abroad

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    American lawmakers, vaisakhi 2019, american lawmakers greet sikhs on vaisakhi laud their contribution to country, Sikhism

    American Lawmakers Greet Sikhs on Vaisakhi, Laud Their Contribution to Country 2019-04-15 05:44:13

    A religious festival in Sikhism, Vaisakhi was celebrated on April 14 and on account of that several United States lawmakers greeted Sikhs lauding their contributions in the economic development of the country. “Today is a historically significant day for our...

    Keywords: vaisakhi 2018 date, US lawmakers, vaisakhi da mela, Vaisakhi

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