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  • assessment, result, less than one third arizona students clear azmerit assessment, Special needs

    Less Than One Third Arizona Students Clear AzMERIT Assessment 2015-12-04 13:46:32

    Diane Douglas, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instructions announced the release of the result of AzMERIT Assessment for students who tested in this spring. Children throughout the state are disappointed with the result of Arizona’s new AzMERIT assessment which is released...

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    Fire spreads across phoenix center, Fire spreads fire from playground, fire rattles from playground to phoenix special needs center, Special needs

    Fire Rattles from Playground to Phoenix Special Needs Center 2018-06-08 05:10:49

    A recreation center for people with special needs is investigating for answers after a fire destroyed its playground. "It was like, 'Oh no, starting all over again,'" said Vera Martinez, program director at the Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped,...

    Keywords: Fire spreads across phoenix center, Fire spreads across phoenix center, Fire spreads fire from playground, Fire spreads across phoenix center

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    Scoot Airline, Scoot Airline, scoot airline refuses to fly with special needs child, Special needs

    Scoot Airline Refuses to Fly with Special Needs Child 2018-06-16 05:31:16

    A low-cost Singapore-based airline, Scoot, has refused to fly an Indian-origin couple traveling with their five-year-old special needs child citing safety reasons, consequently caught in a controversy. Divya George, hailing from Kerala, posted regarding the incident on social media that...

    Keywords: muscular dystrophy, Scoot Airline, Special Needs Child, Scoot Airline

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    lilly special needs child, Lynn Waldron-Moehle, 10 year old special needs child brutally bitten on arm while returning home in school bus, Special needs

    10-Year-Old Special Needs Child Brutally Bitten on Arm While Returning Home in School Bus 2019-05-10 10:49:14

    A 10-year-old kid with special needs in Wisconsin was bitten gravely by a fellow student. Lilly’s mother Lynn Waldron-Moehle said that her daughter came home from school inconsolably crying. Lynn hoped she would calm down after a bath and she...

    Keywords: school bus, wisconsin, bite marks, Lilly

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    American couple, intersex children telangana, american couple adopts an intersex child in telangana, Special needs

    American Couple Adopts an Intersex Child in Telangana 2019-08-01 12:41:06

    For the first time, an LGBTQI child was adopted in Telangana in India by a U.S. couple. The four-year-old intersex child, who was born with both male and female genitals, was abandoned by her parents right after her birth and...

    Keywords: intersex children telangana, intersex people in telangana, American couple, American couple

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    private schools, Special-needs students, special needs students sent to private schools, Special needs

    Special-needs students sent to private schools 2016-05-05 11:54:32

    Many public school districts are paying private schools to provide individualized education that they likely could not supply or afford on their own. Special neds students in the private day schools are to be reintroduced into traditional classrooms once their...

    Keywords: private schools, Special-needs students, private schools, private schools

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