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  • best travel apps 2019, google trips best travel apps, best smartphone apps that can make your travel hassle free, Traveling

    Best Smartphone Apps That Can Make Your Travel Hassle-Free 2019-08-14 11:58:47

    Traveling to a new city is certainly not a soulless thing. But, apart from the buzz it also creates challenges all the way such as food preferences, finding your way around or understanding the local language. Nevertheless, these things are...

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    tourism ministry of India, prahlad patel, tourism ministry to shed negative insight of india among global tourists, Traveling

    Tourism Ministry to Shed Negative Insight of India Among Global Tourists 2019-08-09 12:12:01

    To improve visiting tourist’s experience in India, Culture and Tourists Minister of India Prahlad Patel is simplifying visa norms, making signages at sites available in multiple foreign languages, and streamlining licensing of tour and travel operators and government-authorized shops. In...

    Keywords: visa norms in INDIA, visa norms in INDIA, visa norms in INDIA, tourism ministry

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    racist passenger in New zealand train, racist passenger in New zealand train, racist passenger yells at indian for speaking in hindi conductor kicks her off the train, Traveling

    Racist Passenger Yells at Indian for Speaking in Hindi, Conductor Kicks Her off the Train 2019-08-14 10:52:25

    A train ticket collector in New Zealand is garnering a whole lot of compliments after she asked a passenger to get off the train midway as she passed racist comments at an Indian origin co-passenger who was communicating in Hindi...

    Keywords: new zealand, racist passenger in New zealand train, new zealand, racist passenger in New zealand train

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    how to save money for a trip fast, save money to travel world, 10 effective ways to save money to travel the world, Traveling

    10 Effective Ways to Save Money to Travel the World 2019-08-09 11:39:30

    A lot of millennials are dreaming of traveling world but it remains pie in the sky because of lack of budget planning. As soon as salary gets credited, the crave to put money on midget things gets incessant, thus making...

    Keywords: how to save money, how to save money for travel as a teenager, how to save money for traveling, how to save money for travel as a student

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    Beejal O, dubai duty free winner, beyond grateful indian woman on winning 1 million dubai lottery, Traveling

    ‘Beyond Grateful’: Indian Woman on Winning $1 Million Dubai Lottery 2019-08-21 06:53:14

    A 34-year-old Indian origin woman in the United Arab Emirates has won a whopping USD 1 million in a raffle in Dubai on Tuesday after picking ticket number 4111, which happens to be her flat number. Another Indian has won a...

    Keywords: Indians in UAE, beejal winning dubai duty free, Indians in UAE, beejal winning dubai duty free

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    International Travel, International Travel, indians spend record forex on international travel, Traveling

    Indians Spend Record Forex on International Travel 2019-08-16 12:14:56

    The World Tourism Organization revealed that Indians are spending a record amount on international travel. As per June 2019, spending on foreign travel amounted to $596 million, the highest since the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) started collating data under the liberalized remittance scheme....

    Keywords: International Travel, forex on international travel, indians traveling abroad, Indians traveling overseas

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