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    Two Other Americans Helped John Chau to Enter Remote Island: Police 2018-12-03 05:22:19

    The American missionary John Cha killed by the Sentinelese tribe on a remote island was encouraged by two other Americans to go the outlawed isle, according to police. The police said they are currently investigating the role of two Americans, who had...

    Keywords: Sentinelese people in India, John chau body, Americans, Sentinelese in India

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    tribal, Chau, tribal rights group urges to call off hunt for john chau s body, Tribal rights group

    Tribal Rights Group Urges to Call off Hunt for John Chau's Body 2018-11-27 05:45:36

    After days of endeavor to recover the body of American missionary believed to have been killed by an isolated tribe on a remote island, the rights organization urged police on Monday to call off efforts due to the risk of...

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