Supercomputer Predicts Date, Time Of Death With 96% ConfidenceTech Expert

September 21, 2015 15:15

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has housed a supercomputer with data related 250,000 patients for the last 30 years. Because of this, the computer has the ability to predict date and time of your death with nearly 96% confidence. Thus, the secret of when the death arrives is revealed by this Supercomputer, even though death is inevitable.

Dr Steve Horng was quoted by BBC as saying that, "So if the computer says you're going to die you probably will die in the next 30 days.” The computer also has the ability to find out rare diseases with probability to be missed by doctors. This is possible because of the device’s frightening pace to record and analyze data.

BBC reported that, metrics like oxygen levels and blood pressure are collected and analyzed once in three minutes. This information is the basis for diagnosing patients at a faster pace compared to doctors besides guessing the chance of a person to have a particular disease.

"So, for example this computer thinks that this patient has a 99% chance of having some sort of chest pain and they only have 26% of having heart failure..." Steve Horng said, assuring that the machine exists to only help doctors not replace them.

"It is really about augmenting doctors' ability to take care of patients," he added.


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