Superstitiously enjoying the distress!Top Stories

June 08, 2013 11:49
Superstitiously enjoying the distress!

The shockingly frightful incident took place at an adivasi village in southern Assam’s Cachar district on Thursday. The criminal gang (villagers) who was driven by a superstitious belief that a man poised ‘evil spirits’ at the same time that his presence in the village was ‘dangerous’. Subsequent to that there was a horrifying incident known to be committed where the criminal gang violently killed the man succeeding to which they started dancing around the body chanting religious hymns intending contentment for their goddess.

Furthering while intending to bring the incident into prominence, it was on Wednesday night, that Sukumar Mura, a local, got a dream that Jawaharlal Mura, 60, of the village poised evil spirits as well that his presence in the village would ensure sufferings of the people. Following the dream he was known to have informed others about his dream on Thursday which resulted in making them furious. Due to the fact that these villagers were illiterate at the same time highly supertitious, they were forced to commit a crime of dragging Jawaharlal out of his house at the same time tied him to a tree near a temple as well beat him unsympathetic. Jawaharlal was forced to experience death. The villagers then buried the body near the temple at the same time began to dance as well as chant religious hymns intending contentment for their goddess. They have been enduring without interruption dancing till Friday morning during the time the police reached there to recover the body.

Cachar superintendent of police Diganta Bora expressed that in-spite of going  to the village  on Thursday night the police team couldn’t recover the body due to the suppressed suspense during the situation. The body was finally recovered on Friday accompanied with policemen lathicharge. Bora while naming it as a case of with-hunt and that the entire village was responsible for it, added that investigation would be initiated getting into the fact and incident in actuality that was committed by the criminals in killing Jawaharlal at the same time the behaviour of the locals is yet to be determined. They have seized 11 persons inclusive of three women.

Witch-hunting seems to be a vague feeling of bodily comfort practiced commonly in Assam having it intensely influenced in tribal areas as well as Adivasi-dominated tea belt. Furthermore, records revealed the fact that the practiced witchcraft during last five years forced 80 people experiencing death becoming victim of this mentally deranged practice. 

That's an act of utterly senseless element which has been gaining cruelty with the name of Goddess. Another factor in actuality sustains that crucial illiteracy has left them being superstitiously enjoying the distress.

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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