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August 10, 2017 14:28
Joe Arpaio Ex-Sheriff Says He Isn’t Seeking Trump’s Pardon

Joe Arpaio the former Sheriff has brushed off his recent criminal conviction as “Petty Crime” and also said that he won’t seek a pardon from President Donald Trump, despite the duo sharing the stages at many occasions during the 2016 campaign.

In an interview, the former sheriff has said that he was shocked that he was convicted guilty of a crime last week after more than 50 years in law enforcement.

“S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D”, Arpaio said of the misdemeanor for defying a court to stop traffic patrols that targeted immigrants. He also said that he won’t rule out for office again and remains steadfast in his support of trump.

Arpaio said “I was with him since the day one, I am with him until the end. I didn’t ask for anything from him. He can throw me into swamp and cover me up in garbage, and I’d still support him.

The former sheriff known for launching immigration crackdowns was sentenced to 6 months jail on Oct 5, though the attorneys who follow this case has a doubt has some one of his age would be incarcerated.

Trump’s victory had speculated that Arpaio would seek pardon to have his legal troubles erased. However, his criminal attorney has declined to say whether they are seeking for pardon from president.

While the former sheriff has told that he’s fighting his legal battles without trump’s help, but a phoenix news TV station has reported it that he wanted to know why trump was not coming for his rescue.

“Some one ought to ask president, where is he” said Arpaio.

Arpaio has supported trump through out the presidential campaign and he has appeared for trump in rallies at lowa, Arizona.

Arpaio said “Here I am at the end of my career sitting at a defense table in a contempt of court case”.

“it’s only a misdemeanor, you can run for anything you want with a misdemeanor”, said Arpaio.

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