Fleas in North Arizona test positive for plague, officials are insisting public to take proper precautionsTop Stories

August 12, 2017 10:48
Fleas in North Arizona test positive for plague, officials are insisting public to take proper precautions

Health officials say that fleas collected in north Arizona have tested positive for plague.

In a Thursday release, officials said that the fleas located in Doney Park area are tested positive for disease. Last week, fleas collected in the red lake area also reported positive.

The public Health Services District has been informing residents, and burrows located on private property will be treated. Officials are closely watching the area if any further action is necessary.

The CCPHSD is insisting public to take precautions and limit their risk of exposure to the disease, which can be present in fleas, rodents, rabbits and predators that feed on animals. The disease can spread to humans and other animals on bite of the animal or contact with infected animal.

Officials said that there are more areas affected with fleas, test are continuing in the area as crew monitor the situation.

In Navajo country also the fleas collected in the Taylor area also tested positive for plague. The area where fleas were located is being treated and has been closed as officials determine what more to do.

Officials are urging for residents to reduce the exposure to disease. Dogs are encouraged to be kept in leashes and cats can be infected easily with plague, sick cats especially ones that are allowed to roam outside, should receive proper diagnosis and treatment to reduce human exposure.

Authorities also say that, sudden die-off in dogs and rodents may indicate that the disease has been spreading, so if anyone notice sudden decrease in rodents and dogs are requested to inform to Navajo Country Health Department.

The symptoms of plague contracted in humans appear within 2 to 6 days after exposure, the symptoms include headache, fever, weakness, muscle pains, fever, chills, swollen lymph in armpits, limbs or in groin.

The plague can spread through the blood stream and affect the lungs, but it is curable with proper antibiotic treatment if diagnosed early.

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