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March 08, 2018 18:00
Officer Involved In Phoenix, Suspect Detained

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Armed men with air rifle who was wanted, now detained and taken to the hospital after shooting that took place in world officer in Phoenix. This incident took place near the 33rd Avenue and Washington on the Wednesday morning.

Although, no officers were seriously injured, this news still alerted the local residents and the police. The suspect was not believe to be done by the shooting, but was bitten by a police dog and hit by other non-lethal rounds. All this started on the 7th March earlier in the Day near the 22nd Avenue and Buckeye, where the police were on some surveillance on a suspect for some outstanding felony warrants and for intense assault with a rifle.

The police say that suspect came out of the house and attempted to run away from the police, however, not before pointing his rifle at one of the officers. Phoenix police Sgt. Jonathan Howard said “Unfortunately, before he fled, he actually pointed the rifle at one of the police officers.”

The suspect then jumped into the car and ran away. Police said that he drove away and was also firing shots from the rifle. But the suspect could not get too far for the police to catch hold of him.

The policies that the suspect apparently had something on the road and the car became disabled right near the 35th Avenue and Van Buren. Statement from Howard said “He must of stuff something because his vehicle became disabling pretty quickly.”

Immediately the suspense abandon the car and the police say that he then carjacked a man, threatened him for his life with the rifle and took off in the man’s car. Howard said “He took that rifle out and store someone vehicle at rifle-point.”

But, in some time the officers were able to stop the suspect by colliding against his car and boxing him near the 33rd Avenue and Washington. "Officers from our Special Assignment Unit were able to intercept him," added Howard. "They actually collided with his vehicle in a controlled movement."

Even at this juncture the police said that the suspect was still firing shots and trying his best to escape.

Howard said “Shots were fired and we do not believe he was stuck at this time with shots. We do know that he was bitten by one of our police dogs. And he was like least talk with some non-lethal rounds that we were using also to take him into custody.”

One of the sir suffered minor injuries in this incidence but the suspect was taken to the hospital and expected to recover.

This incident comes right after the armed robbery suspect that lead the police on a wild and dangerous chase across the Valley. This case as well included the carjacking and 4 suspects were taken into custody by the police.

Howard said “It’s been a very busy 24 hours. We are just fortunate that we did not have any people hurt as people were driving around. We are very fortunate we haven't had any officers significantly hurt.”

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