Arizona House Of Representatives Ban Use Of Hand Held Cellphones While Driving To Gov. Doug DuceyTop Stories

April 19, 2019 14:07
Arizona House Of Representatives Ban Use Of Hand Held Cellphones While Driving To Gov. Doug Ducey

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The rate of car accidents because of being on the cellphone is on a rampant rise all around the world. While the same is being taking shape into being legalized as an offence, Arizona has already taken a step ahead in that prospect. Addressing the gruesome problems altogether, it was the Arizona House of Representatives who branched out to propose a ban on the same.

A proposal banning the usage of hand held phones while driving all across Arizona is being presented in front of Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk. The same was up for vote defeating it with 44-16 on what is believed to be the harshest of votes that is up for debate. The same was mandated following the constant rise in the rate of risks of accidents in the last years.

Arizona is one of the three states across the United States that doesn’t ban texting while driving while multiple states around like El Mirage, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Phoenix, Surprise and Tempe in Maricopa County have already imposed the ban to bring in better road safety and to prevent the risks associated with the car accidents.

Ducey has pledged to sign the issue and if the same is confirmed and done with, chances are that the law would be applicable from January 2021 itself. It would be under the HB 2318 law and will eventually help a lot in bringing down the alarming statistics of mishaps because of road accidents. Until then, if the law passes, the defiants will be charged with penalty until the law is put into effect.

AAA Arizona has already issued a statement urging Ducey to sign the bill, naming it as one of the breakthroughs in terms of better heightened traffic safety in the state altogether.

In the statement, they did clarify and suggest saying that they are pretty confident that their expectations from Ducey won’t go to waste and the fact that he will most definitely sign the bill to bring forth better safety and security.

Under the proposal any person inside the proximity of the Arizona state will be held accountable and charged if they were found using their cell phones while driving. Additionally, the devices that can be used in the hands free mode or even the ones that can be integrated with the vehicle’s control interface will be exempted.

The proposed bill also prescribes fine of around $75 to $149 on the first offense, following which the amount would be increased to $150-$250 for the subsequent violations even more so.

Every single one of the House of Representatives from Arizona are on the lookout for this specific proposal to be passed by Ducey, mainly because of the fact that it is going to be helping a lot in terms of better safety around in Arizona. The same is still up for debates and will be confirmed in a few days once the final results for the proposal come in.

By Somapika Dutta

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