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  • Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, 6 8 indians imprisoned for indulging in immigration fraud, Michigan

    6-8 Indians Imprisoned For Indulging In Immigration Fraud 2019-11-11 11:35:19

    In January 2015, the ICE in Michigan set up Farmington University to partly monitor and bring out immigration frauds. They found out that there are International students who are illegally staying in the US by getting admission at Farmington University.As per...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Farmington University, Andhra Pradesh

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    walmart, e cigarettes selling in walmart, walmart to stop selling e cigarettes, Michigan

    Walmart to Stop Selling E-Cigarettes 2019-09-21 11:41:32

    American retail company Walmart said it will stop putting up electronic cigarettes for sale at its namesake stores and Sam's Clubs as a result of a string of mysterious illnesses and deaths related to vaping.Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the nation's...

    Keywords: healthy living, walmart, e cigarettes selling in walmart, healthy living

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    Arizona, National Weather Service, arizona and california roads blocked with snow and rain, Michigan

    Arizona And California Roads Blocked With Snow And Rain 2019-11-30 07:35:31

    On November 29th, the Arizona state is going through a tough time due to severe weather conditions. The roads are flooded, there is snow all across and there was a Tornado warning.According to the National Weather Service, the cities near Phoenix...

    Keywords: National Weather Service, Winter Storms, Arizona, Phoenix

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    when does fall start, autumn 2019 uk, autumn 2019 6 most beautiful places to travel to this fall, Michigan

    Autumn 2019: 6 Most Beautiful Places to Travel to This Fall 2019-09-25 10:26:51

    Autumn, also known as fall in North American English, has begun making way for easy on the eye sceneries in countries across the world with different colors of maple leaves hung loosely from branches ready to fall to the ground....

    Keywords: autumn 2019 uk, when does fall start, when is winter 2019, when is winter 2019

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    blood pressure monitor, track blood pressure, soon you may track your blood pressure with a video selfie, Michigan

    Soon You May Track Your Blood Pressure with a Video Selfie 2019-08-07 08:47:45

    Did you ever think you could one day monitor Blood Pressure (BP) as easily as taking a video selfie? Interestingly, researchers, including an Indian origin, have tested a technology known as transdermal optical imaging that measures blood pressure by detecting...

    Keywords: track my blood pressure, taking blood pressure multiple times in a row, track my blood pressure, why is blood pressure lower the second time i take it

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    gandhi associations in US, statues of mahatma in US, u s has largest number of memorials of mahatma gandhi, Michigan

    U.S. Has Largest Number of Memorials of Mahatma Gandhi 2019-09-27 05:10:31

    Ahead of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the United States, a country he never visited, found to have the largest memorials, statues, and sculptures of Father of the Nation.According to the list compiled by PTI, there are more than...

    Keywords: Gandhi statues in united States, gandhi statues in US, gandhi statues in US, United States

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