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February 12, 2016 16:39
Sleeping disorders affects relationship},{Sleeping disorders affects relationship

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Sleeping disorders can affect your relationship. In a relationship, when you share the bed with your special someone and not getting a good night’s sleep,  then you need to keep check on your sleeping disorders. Do not let your sleeping habits to affect your relationship. These habits will put a negative impact on your marriage life and sleeping disorders may lead to ‘sleep divorces’.

These problems may be common or rare, but first, you need to bring them to your doctor’s attention.

Insomnia is a difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep.  If you notice that, your partner is unable to fall asleep or wakes up frequently during the sleeping hours and suffering from inability to sleep, once awake, then, probably he/she is suffering from this disorder. Your partner may be experiencing fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, low energy, mood disturbances and decreased performance at the work place.

Tip:  Without blaming your partner, you should help her/him to seek medical help. In most of the cases, the disorder can be resolved by introducing a few changes in your daily routine. Your doctor may suggest cognitive therapy, relaxation techniques, or refer you to a sleep study or clinic.

Snoring and sleep apnea:
According to the researchers, snoring is the 1 medical cause of divorce and breaking up co-habitational relationships, as well. There are 40 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women who are suffering from this disorder. Sleep apnea is characterized by chronic snoring. It causes frequent pauses in breathing while sleeping, depression, exhaustion, gasping for air, dry throat and a decrease in productivity.

Tip:Instead of moving out of the bedroom, you must take your partner to the doctor and describe the problem and get proper guidance.

Shift work disorder:
According to psychologist, Shruti Save, "those who work in shifts get less quality sleep than those in regular 9-to-5 jobs. This causes sleepiness and mental lethargy and puts the person's health at grave risk." In this disorder, your sleep pattern are not concurred with the need of your body.

Tip:To handle this issue, you must avoid light exposure and gadgets during sleeping hours. You must take three meals a day. Psychologist, Shruti, said that, "do everything in your capacity to fall asleep in a natural manner. Over-the-counter pills will not reset your body clock in the long run, so avoid taking them often.”

People suffering from this disorder, experienced,  unnatural movements and events, while they fall asleep or during sleeping hours. For example,  sleep-related eating disorders, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, nightmares and sleep aggression.

Tip: Do not embarrass him/her through recording his/her sleepwalking. Be there for your partner, make him/her feel relaxed with a good bedtime. Go together for a regular sleep and let him/ her feel comfortable. If needed,  seek help from a sleep expert.

Knowing Narcolepsy:    
Narcolepsy is a form of hypersomnia. It is described as the uncontrollable sleep attacks in the middle of activities, such as,  working, talking,  cooking or even driving. Excessive daytime sleepiness, hallucinations, loss of muscle control, intense emotions and sleep paralysis are the most common symptoms of narcolepsy.


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