County Attorney Says That Flagstaff Police Was Justified In Fatal Shooting At WalmartHot Buzz

January 12, 2018 14:57
County Attorney Says That Flagstaff Police Was Justified In Fatal Shooting At Walmart

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A fatal shooting of a suspect in Walmart parking lot shooting was justified by County attorney this week. The 29 year old shot was under depression and he fired on officers on Oct 12th.

Sean Brady, the 29 year old who was killed in the shooting was under severe depression. The Navajo county Attorney Brad Carlyon reviews the details of CCTV footage and records and came to the conclusion that the shooting was justified. Brady moved to Flagstaff along with hi son and stayed at one of Brady’s sisters place. Before the incident Brady called the child’s mother and asked if she would take cull custody and she declined. On the fatal day of Oct 12th Brady took the child to a babysitter unannounced and stated he was having a hard time with life and was severely upset.

Later in that night he parked his car at a Walmart parking lot, on Huntington Ave. And began loud musics, to which a woman asked to lower the volume. Then the woman went inside Walmart and informed the store that Brady’s music was disrupting the people who were sleeping in the parking lot. Then when the woman came out along with her husband Brady picked a fight and took out gun. Both of them ran to their car and called up 911, CCTV captured Police arriving moments after the report.

The Police Officer William Condon asked Brady to lower the music to which he replied, “I just have music playing, man”. Officers Dustin Hemp and Ryan Sherf, then arrived in a patrol car and gun shots were heard. The Police officers ducking behind the car for cover.

Investigators wrote, "Condon saw Sean Brady bring his hands outside the truck’s open driver’s side window and then saw a muzzle flash from the truck and heard the whizzing of bullets,"

Condon returned to shoot at Brady, but his truck rolled forward and hit a light pole. After SWAT members arrived a flash bang device was used to pull Brady off the truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It would be disingenuous to argue that pointing a gun towards a law enforcement officer and firing would not place the officer at a risk of serious bodily harm or death," Carlyon wrote. "In fact, such an act violates numerous Arizona criminal laws."

Inside the truck police found two rifles, a handgun, a box of ammunition and many spent castings.

By Minu Manisha

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