Miruthan Movie Review

Miruthan Movie Review

Miruthan Movie Review
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Shakti Soundar Rajan
  • Cast:
    Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon
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    Global Infotainment
  • Producer:
    S. Michael Rayappan, M. Seraphin
  • Music:
    D. Imman
  • Release Dt :
    Feb, 19 2016


Jayam Ravi plays a traffic cop in Ooty where he lives with his baby sister Vidya (Baby Anikha). Catastrophe arrives in the town in the form of a sudden outbreak of a virus attack that proves more dangerous than expected. What happens later on? Is there a way out? Is respite in the offing? Miruthan deals with all these answers. Watch the film to know about it completely.


Miruthan Movie Review

The first half breezes past with the director spreading his premise neatly. There is the brother-sister sentiment that could work for emotion-seeking audience although it is a little difficult to digest a small girl mouthing age-inappropriate dialogues.

The pace in the second half gets a little slower, sometimes, making one wonder if there would be a respite at all from the ghastly happenings on screen. There are also occasions when Miruthan takes on the form of hero-building exercises way too far and it appears to be a one man army battling against the hordes of affected populace.


Jayam Ravi shines in this film with his earnest efforts in depicting a traffic cop who is loaded with the moral responsibility of rescuing people from the dangers to risking his life for his loved ones. The seasoned actor that he is, Ravi demonstrates the nuances of emotions finely. Kaali Venkat as his buddy brings a chuckle here and there. Lakshmi Menon does have a role of substance as a doctor. In Imman’s music Munnal Kadhali gets remembered while the rest blends with the narrative. The BGM is loud in a few places that could have been taken care of. Venkatesh is effective in manning the camera.

There are different sub-genres in the zombie films and in Miruthan we find the horror variety that gives the thrills and the chills. There are places where you are sure to be terrorized with these affected people pouncing on the screen and if you are faint hearted, you need to be prepared. In this attempt of Shakthi to bring in something new to Tamil cinema, we should definitely laud the technicians who have worked to create the authentic zombie feel. Good job done! The visual effects are appropriately done, without being tacky in most places.

Final Word

Miruthan is sure a decent one time watch for the gripping narration by Shakthi Sounder Rajan and Jayam Ravi. If you have never watched the genre of zombie films, this is for you.

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