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March 12, 2015 19:05

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It is much popular saying that drinking alcohol is good health, the same thing can also be applied to beauty also, as the researchers are saying Drinking small amount of alcohol makes the drinker more attractive.

Researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK have been studying the impact of consuming the alcohol on appearance. Bristol University's School of Experimental Psychology conducted a small test with the help of 40 persons, which includes 20 women and 20 men, their task is to rate the pictures of people at various stages of consuming the alcohol.

They were shown a series of photographs at various stages of intoxication, i.e, at sober, after drinking mildly (250 ml of wine), and after drinking high (500 ml of wine). Their task is to rate the attractiveness. According to their ouput or test results, individuals who consumed a moderate amount of alcohol (the equivalent of 250ml of wine) looked much attractive.

Professor Marcus Munafò, who led the study, noted that the change in attractiveness was likely to be caused by a change in appearance, such as flushing, that is associated with alcohol. Another explanation could be that a small amount of alcohol can create a positive mood resulting in more smiles and a more relaxed persona.

However the persons who consumed more around 500 ml were not attractive, means consuming less quantity is suggested if you have no past history of hypertension, diabetes, CVA, CVD, and fluctuations in HB. The report may not be applicable to some people having allergy to intoxicating compounds, and improper metabolic system.


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