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  • fake news nri online voting, nris voting rights. Eci nri, election commission asks police to investigate fake news on nri voting rights, Fake news

    Election Commission Asks Police To Investigate ‘Fake News’ On NRI Voting Rights 2019-02-23 04:49:45

    Election Commission of India has filed a complaint with the  Delhi Police on Friday asking it to investigate “fake news” about online voting rights to Non-Resident Indians in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. In the Police complaint Election Commission stated, “I...

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    information technology panel fake news, whatsapp panel, parliamentary committee asked social media giants to tackle fake news, Fake news

    Parliamentary Committee Asked Social Media Giants To Tackle Fake News 2019-03-06 09:52:13

    The Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology (IT) on Wednesday asked the social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to tackle fake news and engage more with the Election Commission of India.  Previously, Parliamentary panel summoned Twitter on February 25,...

    Keywords: panel inforamtion technology, facebook panel, parliamentary panel, facebook panel

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    trump foundation jobs, trump organization, donald trump donates 100 000 from annual salary to department of homeland security, Fake news

    Donald Trump Donates $100,000 from Annual Salary to Department of Homeland Security 2019-03-19 05:34:00

    President Donald Trump on Monday announced that he is donating USD 100,000 from his annual presidential salary to the Department of Homeland Security, which works to improve the security of the United States. Trump announced the decision through his Twitter...

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    proxy voting for NRIs, how to register for nri voting in india, no online voting nris should be present physically with passport and cast vote election commission, Fake news

    No Online Voting, NRIs Should Be Present Physically with Passport and Cast Vote: Election Commission 2019-03-13 06:07:05

    As General Elections 2019 in India is imminent, the Chief Electoral Officer of Goa has asked the police to investigate misinformation regarding online voting of Non-Resident Indians being forwarded on social media platforms. Elections for Goa's two Lok Sabha seats, with 11.31...

    Keywords: e postal ballot for nri, e postal ballot for nri, nri voting registration online, NRI voting in lok sabha elections 2019

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    Mukesh Ambani income, richest man in the world 2019, forbes rich list jeff bezos world s richest man mukesh ambani only indian in top 20, Fake news

    Forbes Rich List: Jeff Bezos World’s Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani Only Indian in Top 20 2019-03-06 07:18:10

    The founder of e-commerce giant, Jeff Bezos, has once again bagged the first spot in the Forbes World’s Billionaire list that was released Tuesday, while, Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani leads the 106 billionaires from India on the list. Facebook founder...

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    twitter on elections, twitter blog on elections, twitter protecting the integrity of election conversation in india, Fake news

    Twitter: Protecting The Integrity of Election Conversation in India 2019-02-22 06:38:26

    Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, micro-blogging platform on Thursday in a blog post said that, “ We deeply respect the integrity of the election process and are committed to providing a service that fosters and facilitates free and...

    Keywords: twitter on elections, twitter on elections, twitter top priority elections, twitter india

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