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  • Health care plan, Pay for health care, donald trump says no entry for immigrants who fail to pay for health care, Health care

    Donald Trump Says- No Entry For Immigrants Who Fail To Pay For Health Care 2019-10-05 08:53:52

    Donald Trump approved a new health care plan which will be effective from Nov 3. The plan is about- immigrants who cannot pay for health are not allowed to enter US.Under this new rule of president, the immigrants need to...

    Keywords: Health care plan, Pay for health care, Pay for health care, Donald Trump

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    Hiral Tipirneni for congress, US Congress, largest union in arizona endorses indian american candidate hiral tipirneni for u s congress, Health care

    Largest Union in Arizona Endorses Indian American Candidate Hiral Tipirneni for U.S. Congress 2019-05-03 09:49:27

    The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 99, the largest union in Arizona has endorsed Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, who is making her second attempt to Capitol Hill. The Indian American candidate is running for the United States Congress from...

    Keywords: Hiral Tipirneni, Hiral Tipirneni for congress, Indian american hiral tipirneni, US Congress

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    kidney disease, kidney disease, kidney has a very important place in heart donald trump, Health care

    ‘Kidney Has a Very Important Place in Heart’: Donald Trump 2019-07-12 11:03:19

    President Donald Trump, in yet another bizarre comment on Wednesday, has said ‘kidney has a very important place in heart’ while signing an executive order at White House, revamping the health care for the kidney-related disease. Announcing the executive order,...

    Keywords: kidney disease, kidney, health care, trump

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    things for lonely seniors to do, effects of loneliness in elderly, loneliness in senior citizens linked to declining health study, Health care

    Loneliness in Senior Citizens Linked to Declining Health: Study 2019-04-30 04:15:51

    Young people, most of the times tend to turn their back on their elderly parents or leave them isolated owing to many reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of proper sense of responsibility. But, a recent study found...

    Keywords: senior citizens, loneliness and declining health in senior citizens, loneliness in senior citizens, resources for lonely seniors

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    H1B visa application, Indian IT companies, trump administration to hike h 1b visa application fee, Health care

    Trump Administration to Hike H-1B Visa Application Fee 2019-05-07 07:24:59

    Further passing the stringent rules for H-1B visa holders, the Trump administration is proposing a hike in the H-1B visa application fee to increase funding for the expansion of an apprentice programme, which trains American youths in technology-related activities, Labour...

    Keywords: H1B filing fees, H1B visa application, trump administration, Indian IT companies

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    Indians in germany, germany, an indian expat in germany explains why he won t be coming back and it s quite relatable for nris, Health care

    An Indian Expat in Germany Explains Why He Won’t Be Coming Back and It’s Quite Relatable for NRIs 2019-05-25 06:56:24

    You might have come across of scores of people in your daily life who have settled abroad making you wonder what’s so exceptional about living outside India. An Indian expat residing in Germany Gautam Sawala gives you some of the...

    Keywords: living in india vs usa, germany, Indians in germany, india or abroad which is better

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