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  • study medicine in usa after 12th, study medicine in usa with scholarship, aiming to be a successful doctor in the usa here s how to begin, Healthcare

    Aiming to Be a Successful Doctor in the USA? Here’s How to Begin 2019-06-06 12:56:57

    The Indian medics are predominantly making their way abroad especially to the United States of America to take up the doctor profession. Today, the U.S. has more than 80,000 doctors of Indian origin, In addition, there are over 40,000 medical...

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    indian community dubai, contact numbers of mea, india s mos external affairs minister v muraleedharan pledges to resolve major expat issues in uae, Healthcare

    India's MoS External Affairs Minister V Muraleedharan Pledges to Resolve Major Expat Issues in UAE 2019-06-15 05:53:04

    India’s newly appointed minister of state for external affairs V Muraleedharan has promised to expedite solutions relating to various issues of expatriates. From high air ticket prices to Indian destinations from the GCC and to issues faced by Non-Resident Indians...

    Keywords: Indian expat issues in UAE, life in dubai for indian expats, helpline mea gov in, helpline mea gov in

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    where do bollywood actors invest their money, indian celebrity investors, bollywood actors who are also startup investors, Healthcare

    Bollywood Actors Who Are Also Startup Investors 2019-06-07 06:49:34

    Indian celebrities and actors apart from their regular shoots are also increasing their association with start-ups. In addition to putting in money, they are also taking an active part in its promotion and marketing. Here are some of the Bollywood...

    Keywords: where do bollywood actors invest their money, bollywood actor lifestyle, celebrity startups, celebrity invested in startups

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    nipah virus ppt, nipah virus in kerala, here s how you can prevent deadly infection nipah virus from affecting you, Healthcare

    Here’s How You Can Prevent Deadly Infection Nipah Virus from Affecting You 2019-06-04 10:54:21

    Kerala state is now on high alert after its first outbreak of Nipah virus infection. A 23-year-old was tested positive for the illness. Following which, 86 people across the state have been put under surveillance after sending out their samples...

    Keywords: nipah virus prevention, nipah virus essay, nipah virus prevention, nipah virus treatment

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    asanas for lifestyle diseases, yoga asanas, 10 yoga asanas that can cure any problem from head to toe, Healthcare

    10 Yoga Asanas That Can Cure Any Problem from Head to Toe 2019-06-13 09:17:57

    Yoga, a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy, has beyond question expanded to all corners of the globe. The origins of yoga is dated back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions. It is competent to cure...

    Keywords: yoga, disease specific yoga, yoga for all diseases pdf, asanas for lifestyle diseases

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    women for women international, world employment and social outlook: trends for women 2018, nearly 107 million women at risk of losing jobs globally mckinsey report, Healthcare

    Nearly 107 Million Women at Risk of Losing Jobs Globally: Mckinsey Report 2019-06-06 06:53:32

    In a world where women workforce is already in dip, a new report revealed that as many as 160 million women employed globally will need to change jobs over the next decade as automated systems take over many tasks. The...

    Keywords: un women jobs, Mckinsey Report, women at risk of losing jobs, female empowerment jobs

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