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  • gravy sabji recipes, indian curries list, delicious indian curries that every foodie must try, Kashmir

    Delicious Indian Curries that Every Foodie Must Try 2019-06-28 06:48:17

    Indian cuisine patently reminds of the flaming seasoned curries savored far and wide. Even in overseas’ eateries, one can get served with Indian curries made using melange of spices and continents.   Some spices that are traditionally used in preparing...

    Keywords: curries, top 10 indian curries, north indian vegetarian curry recipes, every bite of Indian curry

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    phirni recipe in tamil, firni ki recipe, shahi phirni a soothing dessert recipe, Kashmir

    Shahi Phirni - a Soothing Dessert Recipe 2019-06-26 10:01:27

    Shahi phirni, which is very much like simple Indian kheer, is a milk-based sweet delicacy prepared with coarsely ground rice and a fair amount of dry fruits. This milk dessert owes its origin to the Mughlai cuisine. Though this royal...

    Keywords: phirni recipe with condensed milk, shahi phirni dessert, phirni recipe with condensed milk, firni recipe in bengali

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    beyonce indian wear, beyonce indian wear, from beyonce to oprah winfrey here are 9 international celebrities who pulled off indian look with pride, Kashmir

    From Beyonce to Oprah Winfrey Here Are 9 International Celebrities Who Pulled off Indian Look with Pride 2019-05-10 12:40:55

    Being an Indian, we every so often holds back wearing an Indian attire and prefer western outfits owning to many reasons. But, there are quite a lot of international celebrities who confidentially wore traditional Indian outfit. Here are some of...

    Keywords: beyonce, international celebrities, international celebrities in Indian wear, beyonce indian wear

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    Zaira Wasim quits bollywood, zaira wasim age, zaira wasim quits bollywood to focus on her faith islam, Kashmir

    Zaira Wasim Quits Bollywood to Focus on Her Faith Islam 2019-07-01 11:13:29

    Zaira Wasim, an emerging actress of Bollywood announced her retirement from films. The Kashmir-origin actress said her "faith" and "religion" were the main reasons behind her decision to quit her profession.In a detailed post on her Facebook page, the 18-year-old who shot to...

    Keywords: zaira wasim salary, Zaira Wasim in bollywood, Zaira Wasim in Dangal, zaira wasim instagram

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    HDFC bank, reasons of bank frauds in india, frauds on rise icici sbi hdfc among top 3 banks to report highest number of frauds in 11 years report, Kashmir

    Frauds on Rise! ICICI, SBI, HDFC Among Top 3 Banks to Report Highest Number of Frauds in 11 Years: Report 2019-06-12 10:07:20

    Of over 50,000 frauds that hit banks in India in the last 11 fiscal years, the ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank reported the highest number of cases, according to an RBI data. Of the total...

    Keywords: bank frauds in india 2018, essay on bank frauds in india, bank fraud, bank frauds in india 2018

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    top 20 hottest countries in the world, coldest place in the world, 48 9 degrees celsius in rajasthan 10 indian cities among top 15 hottest places of the world, Kashmir

    48.9 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan: 10 Indian Cities among Top 15 Hottest Places of the World 2019-06-03 05:40:28

    A severe heatwave is continuing to sweep India’s northern plains as 10 places in the region figured on the list of 15 hottest places in the world on Sunday.Rajasthan’s Churu and Sri Ganganagar, where the mercury shot up to 48.9...

    Keywords: hottest country in the world, top 20 hottest countries in the world, hottest places of the world, coldest place in the world

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