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  • never getting married is secret to longevity, Louise Jean Signore, new york woman celebrates her 107th birthday says never getting married is secret to her longevity, Louis ck

    New York Woman Celebrates Her 107th Birthday, Says ‘Never Getting Married’ Is Secret to Her Longevity 2019-08-02 06:56:22

    More than 100 friends and family members celebrated the 107-years-old birthday recently in Bronx, New York. Born on July 31, 1912, in Manhattan, Louise Jean Signore moved to the Bronx in 1926 and has been living there ever since. When...

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    Tiffani Louise O'Brien, Tiffani Louise O'Brien air canada passenger, air canada woman passenger wakes up alone in a pitch black plane after sleeping through landing, Louis ck

    Air Canada Woman Passenger Wakes up Alone in a Pitch-Black Plane After Sleeping Through Landing 2019-06-25 07:00:10

    A woman passenger of Air Canada experienced a dreadful episode when she found herself left alone on a cold and dark plane after falling asleep during a domestic flight and unnoticed by the ground staff. The incident has forced the...

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    trump, donald trump, trump attacks social media companies after facebook bans extremist figures, Louis ck

    Trump Attacks Social Media Companies After Facebook Bans Extremist Figures 2019-05-06 10:57:56

    After Facebook banned a number of extremist figures in a bid to remove people and groups promoting objectionable material such as hate, racism, and anti-Semitism, President Donald Trump criticized social media companies declaring that he was “monitoring and watching, closely!!”Trump,...

    Keywords: donald trump, facebook rules, social media, facebook rules

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    Indian neurologist, Indian neurologists in United States, indian origin neurologist charged with healthcare fraud, Louis ck

    Indian Origin Neurologist Charged with Healthcare Fraud 2019-04-20 06:08:48

    An Indian-origin neurologist in Louisiana has been charged with conspiracy to unlawfully dispense controlled substances and commit healthcare fraud in the United States.The 62-year-old Anil Prasad was charged with one count of prescribing controlled substances outside the course of professional...

    Keywords: Neurologist anil prasad, Indian neurologist, Indian neurologist, Indian neurologists in United States

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    Indian origin magician Raman sharma, raman sharma in mersal movie, indian origin magician slams mersal makers for not paying him, Louis ck

    Indian Origin Magician Slams 'Mersal' Makers for Not Paying Him 2019-09-04 13:25:04

    The film industry is surely not easy place work in. A Canada-based magician Raman Sharma worked for Vijay’s Mersal team in the year 2017 and now he alleged that the makers are still not paying his dues. Raman recently took...

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    bernard arnault, bernard arnault biography, bernard arnault overtakes bill gates to become world s second richest person, Louis ck

    Bernard Arnault Overtakes Bill Gates to Become World’s Second-Richest Person 2019-07-17 09:07:01

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH, Bernard Arnault has been ranked second in the world’s richest person list overtaking Microsoft Corporation’s founder Bill Gates, who had never ranked lower than number two in the list in last seven years,...

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