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  • indian millennials digital habits, indian millennials trends, the life goals of indian millennials work life balance travel fitness, Trends

    The Life Goals of Indian Millennials: Work-Life Balance, Travel, Fitness 2019-06-27 05:35:39

    From being the owner of a big house and getting a secure government job, to abroad travel and work-life balance, the young Indians’ aspirations are being influenced by movies, social media, celebrities, and news, according to a recent survey by...

    Keywords: indian millennials trends, Work-Life Balance, millennials in india 2018, life goals of young Indians

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    women share saree pictures on twitter, saree pictures on twitter, women take up twitter with sareetwitter trend shares graceful pictures draped in nine yards, Trends

    Women Take up Twitter with #SareeTwitter Trend, Shares Graceful Pictures Draped in Nine Yards 2019-07-17 06:39:49

    Twitter is an unpredictable platform where never a one can speculate what trends the day after today. Netizens indeed end up discovering and inventing stuff to keep themselves occupied. The latest in the Twitter that is trending is a phenomenon...

    Keywords: sareetwitter trend, #SareeTwitter Trend, women share saree pictures on twitter, women share saree pictures on twitter

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    Indian general elections, lok sabha election results, this is how desis abroad kept close tab on indian general election results, Trends

    This is How Desis Abroad kept Close Tab on Indian General Election Results 2019-05-24 12:39:28

    Entire India on Thursday was tied up to television sets and phones with the Lok Sabha election results being declared. But, what caught attention is Indians abroad having the very excitement and curiosity. Indians living outside the country - in...

    Keywords: lok sabha elections 2019, desis abroad, Indians abroad, Indian general elections

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    world employment and social outlook: trends for women 2018, women workforce, nearly 107 million women at risk of losing jobs globally mckinsey report, Trends

    Nearly 107 Million Women at Risk of Losing Jobs Globally: Mckinsey Report 2019-06-06 06:53:32

    In a world where women workforce is already in dip, a new report revealed that as many as 160 million women employed globally will need to change jobs over the next decade as automated systems take over many tasks. The...

    Keywords: world employment and social outlook: trends for women 2018, female employment rate by country, jobs in abroad for indian females, women workforce

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    indian travel trends, indians travel to show off, indians travel to give themselves some time to relax survey, Trends

    Indians Travel to ‘Give Themselves Some Time to Relax': Survey 2019-08-07 12:09:35

    If you think most of the travelers are just driven by excitement to explore the world, then you are completely mistaken - at least in case of Indians. Because, a survey reveal that majority of Indians travel for social status....

    Keywords: lifestyle, Indians travel for social status, indian travel behaviour, indians travel to show off

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    top 10 medical colleges in world, how to choose a university in usa, 3 factors to consider before selecting the best university for studying medicine abroad, Trends

    3 Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best University for Studying Medicine Abroad 2019-06-26 10:14:18

    Recently, the report by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated that a growing number of Indian students are now deciding on to go abroad to pursue their higher education. It is found that Indians spent $2.8 billion in 2017-18, an...

    Keywords: how to choose a university in usa, top 100 medical colleges in world, how to decide where to study abroad, top 500 medical universities in the world

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