Significance Of Ear Piercing In HinduismTraditions

August 05, 2015 15:00

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Ear piercing is known as Karnavedha in Hinduism. It is one of the Samskaras performed for a child in an ear piercing ceremony. Ear Piercing is one of the sixteen major rites known as ‘Shodasha Samskaras’ to be performed for an individual during the course of the life. The sixteen Samskaras are mentioned in Vedas. Karnavedha is to be performed by both Hindu males and females.

When is ear piercing performed?

An ear piercing ceremony is generally performed in the sixth month or seventh month, or third or fifth or seventh year of the child, or even during the course of the life. Hindu scriptures like Dharma Sindhu insists on performing, Karna Vedha Sanksar on the 10th, 12th or 16th day after the birth of the child.

A priest, usually performs Karnavedha on an auspicious day. Special Pujas are performed and the ceremony is done under sunlight in the morning. Earrings are then worn by child. The first ear pierced to girl child is left one, while the first ear pierced for a male child is the right one. In some religions piercing is done by the goldsmith.

Mystical Significance of Karnavedha

Karnavedha is considered in Hinduism as Vedic rite of passage. It is common for both males and females. The rite is performed to open the inner ears of the child so that he or she will be able to receive sacred sounds. Hindus believe that just by hearing sacred sounds, the sins of a person are cleansed and the spirit is nurtured.

Benefits of ear piercing

Amongst other benefits of ear piercing include maintaining regularity in the menstrual cycle of a girl, avoiding hysteria and other diseases. It is also believed that ear piercing helps in maintaining the electric current flow in a human body. Another belief is that ear piercing applies pressure on certain points on the ear and provides an acupressure healing therapy. The therapy will reduce the distressing energy present in that body part.

Ear piercing is believed to be helpful in the growth of the brain. As per a sage Sushrutha, the ear lobes contain meridian points connecting left and right hemispheres of the brain of the humans. Piercing at this point helps in the activation of the brain. Applying pressure on points on ears will also improve eyesight, as the center for vision lies on the ear lobe. Other health benefits of Karnavedha include preventing conditions like nervousness, anxiety besides keeping the digestive system in order.


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